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    PS: If you've signed it, please let me know either via a personal message or on here. Jazaks.

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    Mukesh BhaiJaan,

    will we be getting these stars back or anything similar?


    Here you go. Sorry my Hindi is weak but you can understand the main points from it.

    Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein Ishara Ho Gaya

    When our eyes met a gesture had happened
    Baithe Baithe Jeene Ka Sahara Ho Gaya

    Sititng down I found a reason to live

    Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein…

    In our eyes

    Gaate Ho Geet Kyun, Dil Pe Kyun Haath Hai
    When singing why’s there a song, Why’s there a hand upon my heart?

    Khoye Ho Kis Liye, Aisi Kya Baat Hai
    Got lost for someone.. what is this?

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    Hi Satan 😀

    InshaALLAH Im working on it. You'll have it very soon iA.

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    Would help if you provide lyrics


    Tomar Jabar Shomoy Bujhi Hoe Jaay
    (I know that you're time of leaving is near)

    Amar Debar Kichu Baaki Roe Jaay
    (And I have something left to give)

    E Bhabe Chole Jabe Tumi
    (And this is how you will depart)

    Chupi Chupi Eshechile
    (You came so quietly)

    Adherer Buk Chire
    (Ripping my adoring heart)

    Abar Chole Gele Ekhono To
    (Yet again you have left)

    Aadh Khani Raat Roe Jaay
    (Half of it still remaining in the night)

    Ashi Ashi Bole Bole
    (Saying that you will come)

    Koto Din Phire Gecho
    (You've left so many times so many days)
    Koto Sriti Gecho Bhule Dujonar Kothagulo
    (You have forgotten so many memories of us)

    Translations by Ek.Ajnaabi 2009

    in reply to: Nupur Baje by Balam #71868

    Kaar paye nupur baje
    (On whose feet do those anklets trinkle)
    Birohi e moner kone
    (With such heart trodding feelings)
    Ke bhashay ke dubay
    (That drowns out a home)
    Din raat proti khone–2
    (Night and day all the time)

    Nijer sathe lukochuri
    (Keeping close with bangles)
    Sobi shunno mone hoy
    (When I listen to them I reminisce)
    Tare khuje dishehara
    (That I'll find her somewhere)
    Eto prem chara kichu Noy…
    (There is nothing without this much love)

    Aguun jhora fagun kate
    (The fire kills the spring time)
    Jibonerie bake bake
    (In life's gaps)
    Oshanto ei mon
    (Unrestful heart)
    Janina je kare khoje–2
    (I don't know who it's seeking)

    Nijer sathe lukochuri
    Sobi shunno mone hoy
    Tare khuje dishehara
    Eto prem chara kichu Noy…

    Duur se sudur paare
    (So far away)
    Valobasha uki mare
    ( Reining on love's heright)
    Otripto ei mon
    (tangling with the heart)
    Sudhuie tomare khoje
    (Only seeks you)

    Translations by Ek.Ajnaabi 2009

    in reply to: Any translation for Meye by Topu (Yaatri)…thank you #71872

    by the way “meye” means “girl”

    in reply to: EI KI BESHI NA #71869

    Ami chai akash meghla
    (I desire a cloudy sky)
    Khojo purnima
    (Looking for an eclipse)
    Boli chad dube jak na
    (Saying that hopefully the moon doesn't drown)
    Chute cholo eka dure
    (Let's escape somewhere far)
    Amar ichhe kore na
    (Even though I don't want to)
    Dujonei dujonake chai
    (We each want each other)
    Tobuo nijeder aj keu chai na
    ( But still, no one wants their own)

    Mele na
    ( No meeting)
    Aj kichu mele na
    (These days, you can't encounter anything)
    Valobashar bajte chawa chara
    (In love's timing of desires and depart)
    E dutoi mile jay
    (These two things are available)
    Boshe eka vabi tai
    (I sit and wonder alone)
    Ei ki beshi na
    (Nothing more than this)
    Ei ki beshi na
    (Nothing more than this)
    Bolo ei ki beshi na
    (Say: Nothing more than this)
    Aj ei ki beshi na
    (Nothing more than this, today)

    Ghumonto shohor
    (In the sleepy towns)
    Tumi ami jege ekla
    (You and I are awake)
    Ami boli prem
    (I say “Love”)
    Tumi bolo bondhutto eta
    (You say that this is just friendship)
    Golpo chole egiye
    Eito achi besh
    (That this is the best)
    Thamchi na keu aj
    (No one stops for a while these days)
    Hole hok ta shesh
    (If this must be so, let everything end)

    Ami chai roddur
    Ami chai akash meghla
    Khoji purnima
    Boli chad dube jak na
    Chute choli bohu dure
    Amar ichhe kore na
    Dujonei dujonake chai
    Tobuo nijeder aj keu chai na

    Translations by Ek.Ajnaabi 2009

    in reply to: Tomake Bhebe Lekha by Fuad ft. Shanto..english translation #71865

    Mon bhalo nei

    My mind's not well

    Barebar mone hoy

    I keep reminiscing you

    Tumi pashe nei

    That you're not near me

    Bhabi dhur chhai, keno kate na shomoy

    I wonder of the distance, and why the time doesn't pass

    Shaatti ronge tomake khuje berai

    In the midst of colors that I'd wander with you

    Brishti sheshe dekha na pele

    At the end of the rain if I don't see you

    Boro obhiman hoy

    A neglect of self-respect occurs

    Raat kate nirghum

    The night passes by without sleep

    Ami nishchup

    I'm silent

    Bishshoye bhebe jai

    I wonder of the incidence

    Bhalobashi tomay etotai <span style="font-size:small;

    in reply to: MON BHALO NEI by TOPU #71864

    LOL very funny reply. Keep posting because I'd love to help out. All the best.

    And you're welcome and thank you muchisimos.

    in reply to: meri yaad by adnan sami #71833

    Dil Kah Raha Hai Dil Se Wada Karo Dil Se

    The heart's telling you to keep the promise of this heart
    Chaahe Tum Jahaan Bhi Jaana Jaanam

    Wherever you want to go, dear
    Meri Yaad Rakhna, O Meri Yaad Rakhna) -2

    Remember me, remember me

    Hmm Mausam Bhale Badle Tum Na Badalna Dilbar

    Hmm even if the seasons change, don't change yourself, dear
    Chaahat Ki Raahon Pe Tum Saath Chalna

    Keep love close to you
    Pyaar Ki Bekhudi Kah Rahi Aashiqui

    Helpless love speaks of love
    Jaan-E-Jaan Meri Yaad Rakhna, Ho Meri Yaad Rakhna

    My love, remember me, remember me
    Dil Keh Raha Hai Dil Se Vada Karo Dil Se
    Chaahe Tum Jahaan Bhi Jaana Jaanam
    Meri Yaad Rakhna, Hmm Meri Yaad Rakhna

    Jaldi Se Laut Aana Tum Mujhse Door Jaa Ke

    Quickly steal yourself, you're so far away from me
    Yun Na Sataana Baaten Bana Ke

    Nor will you torment the words that you make
    Chaandni Raat Mein Neend Mein Khwaabon Mein

    In a bright nigh, in my sleep, in my dreams
    Jaan-E-Jaan Meri Yaad Rakhna, Hmm Meri Yaad Rakhna
    Dil Keh Raha Hai Dil Se Vada Karo Dil Se
    Chaahe Tum Jahaan Bhi Jaana Jaanam
    Meri Yaad Rakhna Meri Yaad Rakhna
    O Meri Yaad, Meri Yaad Rakhna

    Copyright 2008-Ek.Ajnaabi

    in reply to: Elomelo Mon By Habib Wahid Translation :) #68749

    nirobe hay


    ei mon je bheshe jay

    This heart that floats away

    janina je

    Don't know

    kon swoponer shimay

    In which dream's limits

    elomelo mon

    Melancholic heart

    bhabe shudhu tomare aj

    Only wonders of you today

    shesh hobe raat

    The night will end

    shudhu tumi ami aj

    Only you and I tonight

    nil jochonay mon je haray

    Blue atmosphere where the heart gets lost in

    tara jola oi akashe

    Stars the shine in that sky

    nirjonotay tomakei chai

    In the clamness that desires you

    bhalobashte abeshe….

    To love this way

    tumi jodi chau brishti hobe aj

    If you want the rain to fall today

    ei raate akasher buke

    Tonight in the midst of the sky

    tumi jodi tobe jochona robe

    If you want this atmosphere to remain

    chad jege roy meghero fake…

    The moon that stays awake in the crevices of the clouds

    elomelo mon….

    Melancholic heart

    Copyright 2008-Ek.Ajnaabi

    in reply to: MON BHALO NEI by TOPU #71862

    mon bhalo nei, bolona kichutei

    My soul/heart/mind isn't well, tell me something

    tobu bujhe nebe, ke ache

    But try to reason what is there

    dekho keu kache nei, tobu tumi ei durei

    Look, there's no one near, but you're still so far

    bhanga poth, sathi ke hobe?

    On a broken path, will you join me?

    jodi kokhono amai, mone pore jai

    If you ever think of me

    kholo duar akashe, ami taramoy

    Open the door to the sky, I'm the stars there

    jodi khokhono chuye dite iche hoi

    If ever you want to touch

    sagor hoye aaj jorabo tomai

    Becoming an ocean, I'll shower [as in rain] you

    ke bolo ke, dekhabe poth tomake

    What do you say, I'll show you the path

    jodi jau hariye ei sohore

    If you get lost in this countryside

    jodi kokhono amai, mone pore jai

    kholo duar akashe, ami taramoy

    hawate elo chul, mukhe eshe pore

    In the wind, you hair comes and falls upon my face

    jodi na, thaki ta, ke shorabe

    If we weren't there, who would have removed it?

    jodi kokhono amai, mone pore jai

    kholo duar akashe, ami taramoy

    jodi khokhono chuye, dite iche hoi

    sagor hoye aaj, jorabo tomai


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    yah ill do it, gimme a few minutes

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    AND What happened to those huge stars under the Moderators? I think we should have something to indicate who is a moderator.

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    In regards to yuor question: Moderators have those HUGE stars under their status bar. 🙂

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    Ohhh I see… but don't worry. You were right anyway. Shona does mean gold and darling/beloved. BTW, that's a sweet sig.

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    -End of Discussion-

    May you have lovely sheets of Egyptian cotton.

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    are you bengali Madhuri? So cool.

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