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      I really need the english translation to this song.

      Heres the link to the original song lyrics :

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      Hi Satan 😀

      InshaALLAH Im working on it. You'll have it very soon iA.

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      Here you go. Sorry my Hindi is weak but you can understand the main points from it.

      Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein Ishara Ho Gaya

      When our eyes met a gesture had happened
      Baithe Baithe Jeene Ka Sahara Ho Gaya

      Sititng down I found a reason to live

      Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein…

      In our eyes

      Gaate Ho Geet Kyun, Dil Pe Kyun Haath Hai
      When singing why’s there a song, Why’s there a hand upon my heart?

      Khoye Ho Kis Liye, Aisi Kya Baat Hai
      Got lost for someone.. what is this?

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      Why did the header say aankhon hi aankhon mein from EMI, which is the one sang by Mohit, can you translate that one plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      Why did the header say aankhon hi aankhon mein from EMI, which is the one sang by Mohit, can you translate that one plzzzzzzzzzzzz

      I absolutely love that song! The poetry is beautiful. I translated it for my friend a while ago, and I was very satisfied with the
      translation, but I don't remember how I did it then, so I will try my best once again and you can take your own interpretation
      on it because these lyrics are really confusing. The grammar is such that there are many possible meanings for the lyrics,
      and I guess you have to decide which meaning fits best?

      Baithe Rahe Khayalon Mein Yu
      Sitting in thought like this
      Uljhe Rahein Sawaalon Mein Yuun
      Remaining tangled in questions like this
      Umm Kitni Baatein Hai Jo Kehna Paaye Unako
      There are so many things (literally: baatein=talks) that I couldn't say to her/him
      Hum Toh Na The Iss Tarah...
      We were never this way
      Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein Yuun Khoye Rahein
      May we remain lost in each other's eyes like this

      {I think there was a time when I understood what this stanza meant, but I can't seem to remember that
      opinion anymore. I'm not sure if he's saying he
      wishes to sit, lost in thoughts and tangled in questions, or
      if he's saying there was a time when he used to do that with the person he's singing this song for, or if he's
      saying that is what he is doing right now, reminiscing on times gone by. Also, when he says that there are
      so many things he wasn't able to say to her, I'm not sure if he's saying that they were never this way,
      "this way" being that they never had a problem expression their feelings to each other, or if he's saying that
      there are so many things he can't say to her, period. And then he continues on with saying that they have
      reached a certain point in their relationship that makes them act in a way towards each other that is
      completely different than the way they used to act with each other. The last line of this stanza, in my opinion,
      is a prayer. I think that after so much has happened between the two, something has brought them back
      together, and they are now staring into each other's eyes. I think that in this moment, the singer/lyricist/
      actor/whatever, is remembering what happened between the two, and he is praying, hoping, that the
      moment can last forever.}

      Bas Tumko Dekhe, Dekhate Hi Rahe
      May I only look at you (I can only see you), and continue looking
      Ruk Jaye Lamhein Sabhi Jaate Huye
      May all the moments going by stand still
      Kya Tumse Kehde, Aur Kya Na Kahe
      What I should say to you, and what I shouldn't say
      Tum Hi Samajh Lo Sabhi Ai Kaash Ke
      I wish that you could understand it all
      Bas Yeh Tamanna Hai Dil Jo Apna Hai, Usko Mil Jao Tum
      I only have this wish: May this heart of mine gain/find you
      Abb Na Khayalon Mein, Na Sawalon Mein, Baahon Mein Aao Tum..
      Now, not in my thoughts, not in my questions, come into my arms.

      {The first two lines of this stanza can be interpreted as a prayer. In this moment that he has locked eyes
      with her, he may be praying for the moment to never end - so that he may continue to look at her, and
      only her. And he may be saying that he wishes for the moments that are passing him by, to stand still
      so that he may have the time to cherish this moment.
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      waw this was beautiful, i love this song too, ppl say its boring, but if they take the time (like i did lol), to know what it means and feel the words even in hindi it grips me. thanks alot. it used to play continually on KASAMH SE, and i used to try to write the english when it plays but everytime its a different line or meaning to the verses but it alwasy seem so beautiful.

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      Kasamh Se introduced me to this song as well! 😀 I remember exactly when it was played, and I liked it a lot! 🙂 It's not boring at all! I love it! When I listen to songs, I listen for the lyrics and meanings, couldn't care less about the actual musical instruments, so when I listened to this song, I was drawn to the words and fell in love with it immediately. It fit VERY well with the couple in Kasamh Se that it was played for! 🙂

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      why don’t you try Google Translator. maybe it can help you better than anyone else here 🙂

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