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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    I feel weird translating this about a year later, but um, I guess I’ll give it a go? If it doesn’t help the original poster, then maybe someone else who happens to stop by? : ) I really suck at translating, but I don’t like seeing this request unfulfilled. : )

    agle gaan ki khwaish billo munni aur shum kee rampur merut aur itaawa se
    The next song was requested by Billo, Munni, and Shum from rampur, merut, and itaawa
    sangeet he sohail sen ka bol hae doctor irshad kamil ke
    The music is Sohail Sen’s, the lyrics are by Doctor Irshad Kamil
    pesh karte he har aashiq ke dil ko kuredne waala gana
    We present to you a song that touches every lovers heart
    kaisa yeh ishq he ajab sa risk he
    “Kaisa yeh isq hai ajab sa risk hai”

    (koi bole dariya he (kaisa kaisa he ishq)
    Some say it is an ocean (How/what is this love?)
    koi maane sehra he (kaisa kaisa he ishq) – 2
    Some believe it to be a desert (How/what is this love?)
    koi sone sa tole re koi matti sa bole re
    Some weigh it is highly as gold, others liken it to mud
    koi bole ke chaandi ka hai chhura
    Some say it’s a silver blade
    hota aise yeh mauke pe roka jaaye na roke se
    It happens on such occasions that it cannot be stopped even if someone wanted to stop it
    accha hota he hota hai yeh bura
    It’s good, and it’s also bad
    (kaisa yeh ishq he ajab sa risk he) – 2 ajab sa risk he
    How/what is this love? It’s a strange risk.

    kaisa ishq he kaisa ishq he kaisa ishq he..
    (muskilon mein yeh yeh daale jo bhi chaahe kara le badle yeh dilon ke faisle
    It puts you in predicaments, it makes you do whatever it wants you to do, it changes the decisions of hearts
    mann ka mouji ishq toh ji albeli si raahon pe le chale) – 2
    It’s a mann ka mouji*, love takes you on wayward paths
    koi peeche na aagey he phir bhi jaane kyun bhaage hai
    There’s no one behind or in front of my heart (there’s no one after me), who knows why it runs anyway
    maara ishqe ka ishqe ka dil mera dil mera
    My heart is wounded by love
    isske uske yeh hisse mein tere mere yeh kisse mein
    It’s in everyone’s share (everyone has a share of love), it’s in mine and your story
    maula sikhe bin sihke bin de sikha
    The maula learns it without being taught**
    kaisa yeh ishq he ajab sa risk he – 2

    (naina laagey toh jaage bina dori ya dhaage
    When the eyes meet, it awakens. without a thread or yard,
    bandhte hai do naina khwaab se
    two eyes are binded by a dream
    na aata ho na pata ho kore naino mein koi aa basse) – 2
    There’s no address, but someone comes and lives in empty eyes
    isska uska na isska he jaane kitna he kiska he
    It’s not his or hers (it’s neither yours nor mine), who knows how much it is or who it belongs to
    kaisi bhasha mein bhasha mein he likha yeh ishq yeh
    What kind of language is this love written in
    isake uske yeh hisse mein tere mere yeh kisse mein
    maula sikhe bin sihke bih de sikha
    kaisa yeh ishq he ajab sa risk he – 2

    *I’m not entirely sure, but I think “man ka mouji” means someone who is their own boss. Someone who doesn’t listen to anyone else and only does what he/she wants to do.
    ** I’m not sure about this line. Some days I think it means one thing, then other days I change my mind. My safest bet would be to say this line just means that love is something that cannot and is not taught, it’s learned without being taught.

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    O Meri Soni Meri Tamanna
    O my beautiful, my wish(I’m guessing Tamanna is her name? Tamanna means wish/desire)
    Jhoot Nahin Hai Mera Pyaar
    My love is not a lie
    Diwane Se Ho Gai Galati
    This mad man made a mistake
    Jaane Do Yaar I Love You I Love You
    Let it go, I love you

    Aake Meri Aankhon Me Tum Dekko
    Come and look into my eyes
    Ein Me Har Ek Jaaga Tumhari Hai
    In it is every place that belongs to you
    Kahene Ko Yeh Dil Hai Mera Lekin
    This heart is mine, but
    Dhadkan Yeh Sada Tumhari Hai
    This heartbeat is forever yours
    Tum Pe Chain Mera
    You are my peace
    Tum Pe Hai Mera Karaar
    You are my peace
    Ah Ah I Love You, O Meri Soni

    Tadapti Hoon Aur Tum Na Tadapau
    I already suffer, don’t make me suffer anymore
    Aacha Bapa Chalho Hum Hi Harey
    Okay, fine, I lose.
    Tumhi Toh Jisne Mujhey Chaha
    You’re the one that loved me
    Tumhi Toh Ho Lage Mujhey Pyare
    You’re the one that I like
    Mere Karib Aao Jara Mohre Piya
    Come close to me, my love
    Sunke Dil Ki Pukar
    Listen to the call of my heart
    La La La I Love You
    O Mere Hora Meri Tamana
    Jhooth Nahin Hai Mera Pyar
    Diwani Se Ho Gai Galati
    Jaane Do Yaar I Love You

    It’s 4 in the morning, and I’ve never heard this song before. Please forgive any mistakes. 🙂

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS



    Warning: I’m biased. I have this thing where I don’t always know if I like a movie the first time I watch it. I need to watch it at least two times before I can really make a decision. I often find myself not liking a movie the first time around and then liking it the second time around. Happened with I Hate Luv Storys (that’s how they spelled it, right? Sheesh, I never thought I’d have to memorize bad spelling). And sometimes I love a movie the first time around but then don’t like it later on. It’s currently happening with Kal Ho Naa Ho. I don’t know why but I don’t think I like that movie anymore. It was such a pointless story. I need to watch it again to figure out what I didn’t like. Anyway, I’m indecisive and biased, I know.

    Barfi! – This movie is sent in as India’s official entry for the Oscars. I can’t say I’m surprised. This is officially my most favorite movie ever. This movie is brilliant. It’s beautiful, breathtaking, uplifting, adorable, heart-breaking, and a riot. My face didn’t know what to do. I was crying, laughing, awwwing, all at the same time. I was definitely pulling some ugly faces during this movie. There were two things (trust me, there are more, but I’m narrowing it down to two) that I loved the most about this movie. 1.) The focus of this film was on two people with special needs, but their disabilities didn’t define who they were. They didn’t become caricatures or stereotypes, they became what they are: human. You didn’t fall in love with them because they’re different than “us.” You fell in love with them because they’re exactly like us: human. It’s a story of two people who seemingly don’t have anything, are disabled, people we would generally feel bad for. But their enthusiasm for life, in the big and small ways they choose to celebrate life shows us that maybe we should be envious of them instead. This concept is actually portrayed wonderfully through Shruti. You’ll (probably) understand what I mean if you’ve seen the movie. 2.) The fact that there is hardly any dialogue in this film. I also loved the scenes in which the sound would fade down to a low hum, to show us the the scene through Barfi’s point of view. When it all comes down to it, the noise coming out of our mouths and reaching our ears is just that; noise. Sometimes silence resonates louder than noise ever will, and gestures convey so much more than words ever could.

    The cinematography was especially breathtaking. The scenes were slowed down to show us the beauty of every day life that we normally miss. I’m a wannabe photographer, so I know how it is to slow down, lean in, crouch down, reach up, take a step back, all so that I can capture the beauty I’m surrounded in on my camera. Barfi does exactly that, slows down to show us the beauty that can be infused in moments we’d never find beauty. For example, the scene in which Jhilmil (Priyanka) has just woken up in a place that’s unfamiliar to her. She’s been kidnapped by her childhood friend, but he’s still a stranger to her. We’re supposed to panic, right? But we don’t. One, because we know Barfi isn’t going to harm her, but two, because of the way Barfi handles the situation. He captures fireflies (those were fireflies, right?) in bubbles, and it isn’t just one firefly, he does it a few times. There’s no rush at all, the scene takes it’s time to unfold. Then Barfi slowly backs away, letting her make the decision of following him up to his house. He treated her with understanding. He did the same thing again when she wakes up to find a stranger staring at her. She’s screaming and yelling and trying to run, but he holds her and he lets her bite his hand without making a sound. She calms down a little bit and hides in the corner. Then they both play with the mirror. It’s such a quiet and peaceful scene. Especially after such an intense scene.

    The only thing that I probably didn’t like about the movie was how it romanticized Jhilmil’s kidnapping. She was pretty much manipulated by Barfi and lead into his house, then she was kept their against her will when she tried to leave, and then manipulated again into staying with him. And afterwards, when she’s set free, she wants to stay with her kidnapper. Stockholm syndrome, if you will. I understand why it was done, but it could have been set up a little differently, given them a situation in which kidnapping isn’t romanticized. Things like this happen way too often in films, and sometimes people aren’t aware that they’re finding the situation endearing when it wouldn’t actually be treated the same way in reality. Like stalking. Stalking is romanticized in films all the time, but having an actual stalker is not romantic at all. It’s downright scary and dangerous. But, when it all comes down to it, it’s easy to overlook that when the rest of the movie is so perfectly executed.

    Priyanka Chopra- I’ve always loved Priyanka, but if you don’t like her, or if you think she isn’t a good actress, then watch Barfi. I DARE you to not fall in love with life she puts into Jhilmil. She is so endearing, so love-able, so impossibly adorable as Jhilmil that I’m sure anyone will find it difficult to hate Priyanka after this performance. In my opinion, this is the best performance of her entire career. The next time she wants to do something big, she’s going to have to try to beat this, because this is the bar she’s set for herself. She’s so positively lively as Jhilmil. It’s as if Jhilmil was MADE for her, and her alone. Priyanka is hot. She’s sexy, she’s sensual. But with Jhilmil, you don’t see any of that. She still looks absolutely stunning, of course. But she also looks so freaking adorable and cute and cuddly and just, you want to pick her up and wrap her in your arms and take care of her and sing sweet lullabies to her until she falls asleep in your arms. I’m not even ashamed that that’s how I felt because she somehow managed to tap into her inner 5 year old and bring out every ounce of innocence and naivete that she has in her and poured it all into Jhilmil. Her mannerisms as the autistic girl blew me away completely. From a tiny tilt of her head, to the shift in her gaze and the jittery movements of her arms, to the way she carried herself as Jhilmil. She didn’t leave open a single area to find flaw in this performance. If she doesn’t win all the awards for this role, I’m never going to trust these award shows again. They won’t have any credibility if she doesn’t get all the awards this year. I don’t want to single people out, but she captured my attention in the movie more than anyone else did. I may have possibly just fallen in love with Priyanka. Just. I’m so amazed by her performance as Jhilmil. I just. I’m at a loss for words. I just really love Priyanka and Jhilmil, okay? Okay.

    Ranbir- I never doubted his acting skills, but this made me believe in him like nothing else. He OWNS Barfi. It’s the same as Priyanka, you don’t see the actors anymore, all you see are Barfi and Jhilmil. And I wouldn’t have trusted Barfi with anyone else but Ranbir. I really love the way Ranbir speaks, he has a way of mesmerizing you with his tone of voice. But I didn’t even find myself missing his voice in this movie because his entire body was his voice. I was really moved during the scene in which he’s leaving Shruti after he goes to her house to propose to her. He has dialogues, he has an entire monologue that he spews at her. It’s silent, of course. But there’s so much there in that scene, so much to hear, to see, to feel. You get lost in his sorrow, in how hurt he has. And then he goes and makes it even better when he so sweetly apologizes to her right away. I was blown away.

    Both Priyanka and Ranbir manage to say so much with their facial expressions. They emote so much, you can just literally see every single emotion flash across their faces. It’s beautiful to watch.

    Ileana- She reminded me a little of Amrita. She looks like her a little bit, doesn’t she? Anyway, she’s gorgeous, and she can act. She wasn’t just background noise compared to Priyanka and Ranbir. She managed to hold her own. Although, I didn’t like her older self. The acting was a bit off and it just didn’t feel right. I also loved how human she was. She wasn’t shown as this morally perfect person. She did what she thought was for the best at the time, she regretted her decisions, she portrayed jealousy, but she made the right choice in the end, the choice that would define her as a person. She let Barfi go, and that showed how good her heart is. I liked her. =)

    There is so much more that I can say about this movie, but I’ve already written an essay, so I’ll leave it at that. I have too many emotions, I’m sorry! :/

    Bottom line; this is one helluva movie. You’ll miss out if you don’t watch it. It’s brilliant and fascinating and everyone should watch it. And I’m in love with Priyanka Chopra and her portrayal of Jhilmil.

    ETA: I really hated the borrowed ideas and similar scenes to The Notebook. Not just because I didn’t like that movie, but just because original scenes would have fit the move better.

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    Scarface, congrats! =)

    Unpopular opinion: I ADORE Katrina Kaif and I think she acts great. She definitely has room for improvement (but then, who doesn’t?), but to criticize someone who is always always always praised for being such a hard worker and so passionate about her career choice… I just can’t do it. I love her.

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    This was posted in 2007… *facepalm*

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    My guesses are probably wrong, but here are the only two songs this made me think of:

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    Thank you, Mukesh! : )

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    Lyrics taken from

    Hum hain iss pal yahan, Jaane ho kal kahan
    We are right here in this moment, who knows where we will be tomorrow
    Hum miley na miley, Hum rahey na rahey
    We may or may not meet, we may or may not be (we might be dead)
    Rahegi sadaa yahan, Pyar ki ye dastan
    But this tale of love is going to stay here forever
    Sunenge sadaa jise,Yeh Zameen asmaan
    This ground and sky will listen (to the tale of love) forever

    Hum hain iss pal yahan, Jaane ho kal kahan
    Hum miley Na miley, Hum rahey na rahey
    Rahegi sadaa yahan, Pyar ki ye dastan
    Sunenge sadaa jise,Yeh Zameen asmaan

    Rang dhal jaate hai, Din badal jaate hai
    Colors fade, the days change
    Raatein so jati hai, Raahen kho jaati hai
    The nights go to sleep, the paths become lost
    Pyar khota nahin, Pyar sota nahin
    Yet love doesn’t get lost, nor does it sleep
    Pyar dhalta nahin, Haan badalta nahin
    Love doesn’t fade. Yes, it doesn’t change either.

    Hum hain iss pal yahan, Jaane ho kal kahan
    Hum miley Na miley, Hum rahey na rahey
    Rahegi sadaa yahan, Pyar ki ye dastan
    Sunenge sadaa jise,Yeh Zameen asmaan

    Hum jahan aaye hain, Meherbaan saaye hain
    The place where we have come, even the shadows here are kind
    Hum yahaan khwaabon ke, karwaan laaye hain
    We have brought a caravan of dreams here.
    Dhadkane hain jawaan, Ga raha hain samaa
    Heartbeats are young, time is singing.
    Pighli pighli si hain, Mehki tanhaiyan
    The fragrant loneliness is sort of melted.

    Hum hain iss pal yahan, Jaane ho kal kahan
    Hum miley Na miley, Hum rahey na rahey
    Rahegi sadaa yahan, Pyar ki ye dastan
    Sunenge sadaa jise,Yeh Zameen asmaan

    I’m sorry the translation sounds so weird because I’ve given as literal a translation I could give. The gist of it is basically that love is timeless, endless, and immortal. We, humans, may die, age, and change. But love will always be love.

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    @admincs1 wrote:

    However, I do know that some of our legit users are just as good and fast as spammers


    Mukesh ji, I’m not sure if this 10 second rule still applies, but if it doesn’t – can you bring it back? It might help with the spamming issue. : )

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    I spoke too soon. I just saw advertisement for Supernatural. So I guess all the shows being advertised aren’t crappy.

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    Person above me thought of me when she watched Dark Angel! Totally cool, yo! But surprisingly enough, I’ve never seen an episode! LOL I do want to watch it, though – because Jensen Ackles is in it, duh! But 1, I can’t find it and 2, it seems a tad bit boring so I’m hesitant to actually make an effort of looking for it. Looks like I actually need a plot to be engaged and not just a pretty face! I have my siggy for the pretty faces. ; )

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    Somewhere crowded, with tons of people, the busy city life, and beautiful architecture, but also someplace I can access a private island when the crowd gets to be too much.

    What’s the first thing on your Bucket list? (Do you have a bucket list?)

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    You’re welcome. : ) Yes, intezaar does mean waiting. I am almost sure that angdaayi literally means stretching. But I guess it can have different means poetically. In this song, I still stand by my first translation, that she’s hit puberty and is growing into a woman. It’s just said in a more poetic way. Maybe they used the word angdaayi because when you wake up, you stretch (or some people do – I don’t. lol) and so the word angdaayi is used to paint the idea of her youth ‘waking up’ – in a sense, coming to life.

    Hope that helps! Sorry if I initially confused you. : )

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    What is up with all these crappy American shows being spammed/advertised on a Bollywood forum? :/

    Aman, that’s an adorable dog and a hilarious story! =) <3

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    Aman, my brother has the NBA 2K12 – it seems really boring. I never figured out why he liked it so much – maybe it’s because I’m not a sports fan? Although I do love playing tennis on the Wii!

    I really love Chess. No one has ever beaten me. But that’s only because I play with beginners like me. =D Everyone seems to get annoyed after one game, whereas I could play for hours! =)

    I also like Fruit Ninja! It’s so much fun to play on your phone/ipod! =)

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    As of right now, I am OBSESSED with Uncharted 3. I never played the first one, but the second one was awesome. Uncharted 3, though, is my favorite (even though I haven’t played the first one)! The storyline is intriguing, they speak Arabic in it, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. We get to see into Drake’s past, his relationship with Sully. It’s also funny! Drake has such a great, subtle sense of humor. It’s not over the top with wanting to make you laugh, it’s light and you can’t help but chuckle more than a few times. The graphics are stunning, the lightings have only improved since Uncharted 2. The attention to detail is crazy! You have no idea how many times I paused the game to actually appreciate some of the details. And this may come with getting a little too into video games and letting it affect our minds – but this game is truly like a movie. It’s actually better than a movie because you actively get to participate in it, solving the puzzles yourself, fighting the bad guys yourself. And at the end of the day, I get so invested in Drake’s emotions. A lot of this also has a great deal to do with the technical aspects of the video game, such as the lighting, the frame rates, and the animations. Everything is bigger and better. It’s so much fun to watch Drake run around, moving around obstacles, throwing and blocking punches – and my FAVORITE: when Drake’s hand-to-hand combat ends with him either pulling out the little lock on the bomb in someone’s holster and pushing them away so they can blow up at a safe distance from him – or how a gun flips in the air right before Drake grabs it after beating its previous owner into an unconscious pulp. =D Everything about this game is awesome, from the minute details of its realistic qualities to the amount of sheer fun derived from controlling its main character. And it doesn’t hurt that I have a huge crush on animated Drake! ; )

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    Mukesh, the signature sizes are still small. There is a limit on how big our signature’s are. Anyway, I don’t mind it anymore. You can keep it the way it is. =)

    But is there any way to bring back the old format of the Translations section? When a song was translated, you could put some sort of check mark on it, claiming it already translated. It was just a very simple and fast way to check through the songs, see which ones were already done and which ones still needed translating. It’s not a big deal, I don’t want you to go out of your way to bring it back, but if it’s possible and not too much trouble, it’d be nice to have for any future updates. =)

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS


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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    I’m really looking forward to Mausam, Don 2, and Ek Tha Tiger.

    Don 2 is undoubtably going to be amazing (if not, I’ll be quite shattered.)

    Mausam looks like it has a lot of potential, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t work. But I’m hoping it does!

    Ek Tha Tiger is going to be awesome! I can feel it! And I’m so excited for it that I don’t even care if it sucks, I’m still excited! =D

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    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    This is such a cute song, thank you for introducing it to me! =)

    I’ll try my best with the translation:

    Aa Kahin Door Chale Jayein Hum
    Come, let’s go some place far away
    Aa Kahin Door Chale Jayein Hum
    Come, let’s go some place far away
    Door Itna Ki Humein Choo Na Sake Koi Gaam
    So far away that no sorrow is able to touch us

    Aa Kahin Door Chale Jayein Hum
    Aa Kahin Door Chale Jayein Hum
    Door Itna Ki Humein Choo Na Sake Koi Gaam

    Aa Kahin Door Chale Jayein Hum…
    Come, let’s go some place far away
    Phoolon Aur Kaliyon Se Mehke Hue Jungle Mein
    In a Jungle that is scented with the fragrance of flowers and flower-buds
    Ek Hanseen Jheel Ke Sahil Pe Humara Ghar Ho
    At the shore of a beautiful lake, will be our house.

    Ose Mein Bhigi Hui Ghaans Pe Hum Chalte Hoon
    We’ll walk upon grass that is drenched in dew
    Rang Aur Noor Mein Dooba Hua Har Manzhar Ho
    Every direction will be drowning in color and light

    Main Tujhe Pyaar Karoon Mere Sanam
    I’ll love you, my beloved
    Tu Mujhe Pyaar Karey Mere Sanam
    You’ll love me, my beloved

    Aa Kahin Door Chale Jayein Hum
    Door Itna Ki Humein
    Choo Na Sake Koi Gaam
    Aa Kahin Door Chale Jayein Hum…

    Shaam Ka Rang Ho Ghera To Sitarey Jaagein
    The stars will wake when the color of the evening is deep
    Raat Jo Aaye To Resham Se Andherey Layee
    When the night comes, it’ll bring with it a silky darkness

    Chand Jab Jheel Ke Pani Mein Nahane Uttre
    When the moon comes down to bathe in the Lake’s water,
    Meri Bahoon Mein Tujhe Dekh Ke Sharmaa Jayee
    It’ll get embarrassed at seeing you in my arms.

    Main Tujhe Pyaar Karoon
    Mere Sanam
    Tu Mujhe Pyaar Karey
    Mere Sanam

    Aa Kahin Door Chale Jayein Hum
    Door Itna Ki Humein
    Choo Na Sake Koi Gaam

    Aa Kahin Door Chale Jayein Hum…

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