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Last Movie and Next Movie

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    Whats the last movie you watched, and what movie are you planning on watching next, or looking forward to?

    Last movie I watched was Toy Story 3, surprisingly good movie! Ive heard a lot about it, and how its one of the best movies of the year. Overall, I really enjoyed it, but don’t think it beats out The Social Network or Inception.

    Next movie(s): No One Killed Jessica, Patiala House, and Harry Potter 7 part 1 (hate that I haven’t seen it yet!!)



    😮 get yourself to a cinema ASAP and watch HP7:1!! It is totally the best HP by far. In fact, it’s the only HP film I actually like. lol. Definitely worth it!

    Well, I still have not seen Band Baaja Baarat, I really really want to! Guess since the DVD is out soon, I will get the DVD as I have heard enough good things about this movie. Been AGES since we had a wholesome, ‘decent’ family entertainer! 😀

    Really, REALLY looking forward to No One Killed Jessica. Seeing Rani on the big screen again reminds me of our Rani LOL. Has anyone seen it? How is it? So looking forward to my Rani! <3

    Patiala House I am looking forward to, I didn’t realise it came with Anuskha Sharma (is that her name? oops). I am also interested in Yamla Pagla Deewana. I have a feeling it may be a kinda… average movie, so I shall have to wait and see.

    And OMG OMG Dhobi Ghat!!!!! SO looking forward to that. I still think the best Mumbai-representing film is Mira Nair’s Salaam Bombay (yes, not Slumdog Millionnaire!). So I am looking forward to seeing this movie so much. The trailers look good. It’s directed by Aamir’s wife, yes?

    Hollywood-wise.. oh boy I have a LOT to catch up on!! Currently from my online DVD rental, I have No Country For Old Men, which I am yet to watch. I want to watch The Social Network. There are so many more but I’ve forgotten.

    I cannot think that far back, but I guess the last movie I watched was The Hangover… what a HIGH-larious movie!!! Just loved it – the crude jokes/dialogues, the storyline, everything! I was cracking up laughing. It’s so good to watch a no-holds-barred comedy once in a while, really refreshes your mind. 😀



    I know, I feel like a terrible HP fan =(. I wanted to re-watch all the past HP movies before watching the new one (sort of a tradition I guess). I just finished watching HP – Goblet of Fire (one of my personal favs!). Another couple more, and hopefully I’ll be able to catch the last one while it’s still in theaters.

    Dude, Hangover came out forever ago!! lol. I think Shereena and I are the only ones who didn’t find that movie to be funny =S, which is weird since I really enjoy mind-less entertainers once in a while. I remember sitting in the movie theater and everyone around us was laughing like crazy.. guess you have to be in the mood for a movie like that *-)..

    I watched King’s Speech recently and it was surprisingly good! Much better than I had anticipated.

    Next movie I want to watch: HP 5 and 6 so I can finalllyyy watch HP 7


    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    The last bolly movie I saw was No One Killed Jessica with my sister. For some reason, I thought it was going to be about politics, and I normally don’t like movies that are politics-centered, but I, being the fan that I am, watched it just for Rani Mukherji. And once the movie started, I realized it wasn’t about politics, but about the murder case of a girl (duh, title?). The movie itself was a good movie. Everything was executed nicely and it wasn’t at all boring. Well, I was a little anxious for Rani to come on screen, so up until she came, all I was doing was asking my sister, “WHERE’S RANI?” Lol But after she came on screen, I was able to pay better attention to the movie. It’s not actually REALLY my thing, I prefer big, over the top, fun, hilarious, romantic, with good comedy and an exceptionally good story these days. Just a really bollywood type of film, but this wasn’t at all bad. I actually had to pee really badly and I didn’t want to get up in case I miss something (or more importantly, miss the next time Rani came on screen!). Vidya Balan was amazing in the movie. I mean, there was never any doubt about her acting skills, and she’s proven it once again in this movie. She got me crying a few times and I couldn’t help but feel horror at the thought of ever losing MY sister, who was sitting right next to me. So Vidya played out that sorrow very nicely. My big star, however, was Rani. I can’t get over how brilliant she was in the movie. First off, she LOOKED amazingly beautiful. I loved her hair, and you can actually see her pretty FRECKLES! She has gorgeous freckles, but they always put too much make up on her so you never see them. And her character was quite adorable – bitchy, but in the sort of way that’s actually really NOT bitchy on the inside. She was quite brutally honest, didn’t matter what people thought, she said exactly what was on her mind – and I loved that. =D Anyway, as you can see, it was mostly about Rani for me, but I assure you, the movie was good too. =)

    Honestly, there haven’t been any good bolly films lately. The promos all look good, but the actual movie sucks. Action Replayy sucked beyond belief. And Tees Maar Khan was a disaster. I watched it because I thought it would be good, Farah and all, but it sucked. Another reason I watched it was for Katrina Kaif, but she was hardly in the movie. Farah is a good director, and she could have done great things with Katrina, but she wasted the opportunity. They BARELY mentioned Akshay Khanna in the promos, and HE was the star of the film, in my opinion. He was crazy and hilarious and completely adorable. And Kumar was just okay. And the story sucked. Or, the story had potential, but they just didn’t carry it out properly.

    I was really, and I mean REALLY, excited for Break Ke Baad. The promos looked amazing and Imraan, for the first time, was sexy to me. (Actually, the first time he became sexy was in the title song of I Hate Luv Storys, but let’s not even get into how much of a disaster THAT movie was!) BKB wasn’t completely horrible, it was an okay movie. I have to watch it one more time to have a solid opinion, but whatever. I went into the theater already having formed a story for the movie, I thought it was going to be the way I thought about it in my head, based off the promos and wikipedia. But it played out totally different. So that was a big bummer. Oh, and that movie made me realize that I don’t like Deepika as an actress.

    (Just remembered, Guzaarish was actually good! So watch that if you haven’t seen it!)

    Next Movies: I’m not really looking forward to any movies that are already having promos shown. I’m looking forward to movies like Don 2, Dhoom 3, Dostana 2, and Munna Bhai Chale America. I saw the promos for Patiala House, seems okay, but I’m not even sure. I like Anushka Sharma, she’s really pretty, and she was great in Rab Ne. But her last movie? Band Baaja Baraat, it wasn’t really good. I didn’t even watch all of it, saw the beginning and the end. So just for her, I hope Patiala is good! OH! And I WAS looking forward to 7 Khoon Maaf with Priyanka – but the promo seemed really weird so now I’m having mixed feelings.

    Hollywood: Last good movie I saw was Inception, Salt, and the latest Resident Evil (LOVE those series so much!). All 3 were super awesome. Other than that, I’ve been watching a movie almost every night with my sister on netflix. We’ve seen almost every movie with a good synopsis! But lol, more than half of those movies turned out to be complete rubbish!

    Next Holly movie I’m looking forward to is The Tourist – even though it’s already out. I still haven’t seen it. lol And of course, the NEXT Resident Evil movie! 😀

    (Whoa, SUPER LONG and whiney post! Sorry bout that! IF you managed to make it to the bottom, congrats! lol)



    I agree there have been no good Bolly films lately. I actually *shudder* at the IHLS-BKB-etc phase. But yea, BKB was decent. Entertaining enough to watch once. Maybe twice on a laaaaaaazy Sunday.

    But GUYS GUYS GUYS… go watch Dhobi Ghat!! NOT your typically Bollywood masala so don’t expect that – but it is REALLY good. Very artsy and intense and poetic in its own way. Loved it. Alie, somehow in the light of the whole Shantaram being awesome discovery, I think you will really enjoy it. Beautiful.



    watched night and day/day and night?? cant remember wat its called now, with Tom cruise, loved it
    theres this scene, where he pretends to kidnap June and he says
    **no one moves, or i will kill myself then her, mannnn I was rolling over laughing myself crazy… AM NOT A FAN OF TC but this movie rocked, oh and I loved him in tropic thunder as well.. also watched Tron but didnt really get the story coz the 3D effects buggered up my hearing…
    watched Tees mar khan…really wat a waste

    and due date, LOVE LOVE LOVE RDJ, i adore him..even with all the wrinkles

    wanted to watch guzaarish and Dhobi ghat ( boo saw features of it and yes I knw I will enjoy it, I actually whispered that to my sis, ***not the typical bolly movie, am sure this is going to be superb** unfortunately I was flying back to… here, so didnt get a chance yet, will ask my sis to send me the dvd when she gets it… want to watch srk’s – raa one or is it ra one?? and off coz am waiting really impatiently for the dvd of No one killed Jessica, cant wait, its coming tomorrow, so am sure to watch it tom night..
    wanted to watch
    the hangover and eat pray love —- read the book and loved it
    also want to watch a few movies I had missed, resident evil ( my sis said it rocked) and I cant remember any of the other names now..
    my mum usually keeps me updated with the latest movies, both hollywood, and bollywood … now I watch whatevers here in my face… if am in the mood

    but dooooo send through more recommendations guys



    lol yes really watch Dhobi Ghat. In fact, I may go and watch it all over again because I don’t think one viewing is enough to appreciate all the poetry the film has to offer. It is just so wonderfully, sensitively made. I totally fell in love with it. Each character has so much to them, and at certain points it is so subtle – too subtle one might argue – that you have sooooooooooooo much fun just slowly and carefully unwrapping each of the layers of thoughts going on in your head. What a brilliant movie. Kiran Rao is definitely a babe to watch out for!!






    Rani: I watched BKB a few weeks ago, and it was such a waste of time!! Personally, I can’t stand Deepika, she can’t act and has a pretty annoying voice. The only thing that prevented me from throwing my glass at the TV was the lovely riesling in it! I only watched it coz my friend wanted to watch it and we both think Imran’s a cutie! He kinda sucked in the movie too.. maybe it was just the movie overall..

    Last movie i watched was “no strings attached” with ashton kutcher and natalie portman; I don’t recommend it! It was just way too predictable, and felt like it was trying too hard.

    I’m so tired of crap movies; must watch a good movie next time, can’t be wasting time on stupid movies that just piss me off 😐



    Watched Black Swan yesterday, loved it, but felt it was JUST A LITTLE BIT underdeveloped storyline. I wanted to see better, smoother transition from good Nina to bad Nina but oooh what a movie!

    Aman – WATCH DHOBI GHAT! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. But if y’are, ssshhh 😛 hehe



    Also: just watched the trailer for Tanu Weds Manu and totally thought of you!! Looks ueber dueber cool – CANNOT WAIT! :mrgreen:

    I daresay Kangana Ranaut will impress me in this movie. And ooooooh Madhavan. <3 <3 <3



    Boo: I am very interested to see what Dhobi Ghat is about, and whether or not the hype is justified. Hopefully within the next week or so I’ll have a chance to check it out 🙂

    Black Swan was a good movie and NP was absolutely great! Lol, I’m a chicken shit though and there were a few somewhat scary scenes. I had to cover my eyes lol.



    HAHAHAHA you’re telling me! My friend next to me was laughing out loud because of the number of times I was jumping closing my eyes lmbo! I enjoyed the movie though. But I felt it could have flowed a lot more.. I think personally I felt the narrative was too jumpy. I would have liked a little more subtle nuances on how her mother was ruining her life and how she may have developed schizophrenia (I am diagnosing her with that… lol. I’m not sure what it actually is, but it’s definitely some form of delusion/paranoia). I felt like we were jumping in at the deep end a little bit and I wouldn’t have minded some intelligent cinematic navigation. Am I making any sense to anyone? 😕 lol. NP was awesome though, I loved her acting! The way she did the innocent roles were just too brilliant. More than the psychotic episodes, the innocent sweet scenes I felt required more effort and more conscious effort not to overplay and she did it BRILLIANTLY.

    YES please watch DG. WHAT an amazing film. I can’t wait to buy it on DVD and analyse the crap out of it! <3 LOVE the film, and the more I think about it, the more I am falling in love with it. 🙂 Might even watch it a second time on the big screen… when I'm not feeling like being such a cheapskate or cheapstake or whatever it is lol.

    And I just finished watching No Country For Old Men on my DVD rental and whooo. Interesting film. The beginning bored the shit out of me, and it took me 2/3 weeks to muster up the boredom and energy to finish the DVD. I’m glad I did, because it totally picked up pace afterwards. It got really gripping and interesting. But – and maybe it’s just me and I need to watch it again – why was this movie sooo amazing that it was Oscar-winning (I think? Or at least nominations.. there was definitely a lot of hoo ha about it though!) level? I kinda didn’t really feel it. It was a decent story, not brilliant and I didn’t think overly thought-provoking (yes, despite its content! Don’t want to say more as I don’t want to ruin it for others). Execution was well done. But I didn’t find it exceptional, I wasn’t blown away… 😕 Am I um, missing something here? Why is everyone in love with this movie?



    Lol aw boo, I’m glad im not the only wimp ;). I usually cover my eyes and watch through the cracks between my fingers. I hate watching scaryish movies, they freak me out and make me a little paranoid! Last year I watched Shutter Island with shereena and my sister, and I’d say I had my eyes closed or covered for at least half of the movie. I want to watch movies like Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, or The Exorcist, but I don’t think I’d be able to get through them. Sucks, feels like I’m missing out!!

    NCFOM, is that the one with Javier Bardem?? I’ve heard lots of good stuff bout it, but haven’t seen any trailers or anything.

    I hoping to watch either Guzaarish or Dhobi Ghat next week, hope they are good as everyone says.



    LOL yes Amaneyyyy we are wimps together <3

    Shutter Island was MADNESS for me! I was the same!

    DO watch Silence of the Lambs, it’s a fantastic, brilliant movie. It’s spine-chillingly tense the first time you watch it, but I promise after that (or so it was for me anyway), it wasn’t scary and it didn’t really give me any nightmares at all! It’s just so brilliant.

    The Exorcist.. hmm I probably haven’t seen that. I think I might be confusing it with The Exorcism of Emily Rose hmmm 😕

    You know what scared me? Well not scared but.. kinda disturbed? A Beautiful Mind… it was mindblowingly wow and whoa all at once! :O

    Did you get to watch Guzaarish or DG? I watched Patiala House the other day.. not bad, it made me cry LMBO. Useless! I am currently in the process of watching Once Upon A Time in Mumbai.. it has really nice songs! Movie is not bad either 🙂

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