English translation of the Song "O meri soni meri tamanna"

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      Dear Sir / Madam,

      Kindly, can anyone provide me English translation of the song “O meri soni meri tamanna jhoot nahi mera pyar” from Film “Yadon Ki Baraat”.

      Thanx & regards

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      I love this song! I blast it super loud in my loft. I think I offend my neighbors with the volume I play it at I enjoy it so. Haha, no I keep it at a reasonable level, but it really is a good tune.

      I’ve always wondered what the meaning behind the lyrics were. Hopefully someone will post the full translation!

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      O Meri Soni Meri Tamanna
      O my beautiful, my wish(I’m guessing Tamanna is her name? Tamanna means wish/desire)
      Jhoot Nahin Hai Mera Pyaar
      My love is not a lie
      Diwane Se Ho Gai Galati
      This mad man made a mistake
      Jaane Do Yaar I Love You I Love You
      Let it go, I love you

      Aake Meri Aankhon Me Tum Dekko
      Come and look into my eyes
      Ein Me Har Ek Jaaga Tumhari Hai
      In it is every place that belongs to you
      Kahene Ko Yeh Dil Hai Mera Lekin
      This heart is mine, but
      Dhadkan Yeh Sada Tumhari Hai
      This heartbeat is forever yours
      Tum Pe Chain Mera
      You are my peace
      Tum Pe Hai Mera Karaar
      You are my peace
      Ah Ah I Love You, O Meri Soni

      Tadapti Hoon Aur Tum Na Tadapau
      I already suffer, don’t make me suffer anymore
      Aacha Bapa Chalho Hum Hi Harey
      Okay, fine, I lose.
      Tumhi Toh Jisne Mujhey Chaha
      You’re the one that loved me
      Tumhi Toh Ho Lage Mujhey Pyare
      You’re the one that I like
      Mere Karib Aao Jara Mohre Piya
      Come close to me, my love
      Sunke Dil Ki Pukar
      Listen to the call of my heart
      La La La I Love You
      O Mere Hora Meri Tamana
      Jhooth Nahin Hai Mera Pyar
      Diwani Se Ho Gai Galati
      Jaane Do Yaar I Love You

      It’s 4 in the morning, and I’ve never heard this song before. Please forgive any mistakes. 🙂

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