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      Hi all,

      I'm a real newbie when it come to bollywood music… please don't be too harsh..

      I heard this song a while ago it seem like it was everywhere -very popular. its a romatic duet, quite serious sounding the woman in the song has a beautiful voice

      it starts out “aaaa aaa aaaaa aaah” then some classicish indian instruments kicks in

      the only lyrics I can remember

      “neend nahi aathi”

      “din raat t[something] hoon”

      something could be tharupty or ta


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      this seems to be from the movie “judaai”

      title “raat ko neend aati nahin”

      this starts with sort of an “aaa aaaa” part

      Mera dil ka chein tune le liya
      Raat ko neend aati nahin
      Hey aahaha ha hayhayhay hay hmmhmmhmm hmm
      Tabiyat chein paati nahin
      Hey aahaha ha hayhayhay hay hmmhmmhmm hmm
      female and male singer (amit kumar and alka yagnik)
      try to listen to it here: 


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      thanks for the reply,

      I had a listen to that track, its not it…

      the “aaa aaaa aa” bit is a woman voice, without any music and the song has a more seroius tone.

      any other suggestions?

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      I think I know what song u mean..I've been looking for it too..but can't find it..

      so if anybody know the name og the song, please replySmile

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      Songs are of different types and different people love to listen the songs according to their own choice. Always listen the songs which touches your soul and heart. I love to listen to the classical and the folk songs as these songs are very close to my heart.

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      My guesses are probably wrong, but here are the only two songs this made me think of:

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      This was posted in 2007… *facepalm*

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      The movie might be junoon, you can checkout the song of it.

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