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      Same here I also played prince of persia. It is really nice game. I am a big fan of this game. It is really interesting for me. It has great graphic and interesting level.

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      As of right now, I am OBSESSED with Uncharted 3. I never played the first one, but the second one was awesome. Uncharted 3, though, is my favorite (even though I haven’t played the first one)! The storyline is intriguing, they speak Arabic in it, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. We get to see into Drake’s past, his relationship with Sully. It’s also funny! Drake has such a great, subtle sense of humor. It’s not over the top with wanting to make you laugh, it’s light and you can’t help but chuckle more than a few times. The graphics are stunning, the lightings have only improved since Uncharted 2. The attention to detail is crazy! You have no idea how many times I paused the game to actually appreciate some of the details. And this may come with getting a little too into video games and letting it affect our minds – but this game is truly like a movie. It’s actually better than a movie because you actively get to participate in it, solving the puzzles yourself, fighting the bad guys yourself. And at the end of the day, I get so invested in Drake’s emotions. A lot of this also has a great deal to do with the technical aspects of the video game, such as the lighting, the frame rates, and the animations. Everything is bigger and better. It’s so much fun to watch Drake run around, moving around obstacles, throwing and blocking punches – and my FAVORITE: when Drake’s hand-to-hand combat ends with him either pulling out the little lock on the bomb in someone’s holster and pushing them away so they can blow up at a safe distance from him – or how a gun flips in the air right before Drake grabs it after beating its previous owner into an unconscious pulp. =D Everything about this game is awesome, from the minute details of its realistic qualities to the amount of sheer fun derived from controlling its main character. And it doesn’t hurt that I have a huge crush on animated Drake! ; )

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      Favorite games… hmm.. I don’t play video games often, but once in a while I will play NHL 2K12 on PS3.

      I also like playing Taboo. Used to like Monopoly but have NEVER finished a game. It just takes too long.

      Fav drinking games: Flip cup!! and 3 men.

      On my IPhone I play Wurdle or Connect 4.

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      Aman, my brother has the NBA 2K12 – it seems really boring. I never figured out why he liked it so much – maybe it’s because I’m not a sports fan? Although I do love playing tennis on the Wii!

      I really love Chess. No one has ever beaten me. But that’s only because I play with beginners like me. =D Everyone seems to get annoyed after one game, whereas I could play for hours! =)

      I also like Fruit Ninja! It’s so much fun to play on your phone/ipod! =)

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      I also like to play games and I prefer to play shooter as well as racing games a lot. I would like to share that some of my most favorite games are: Modern Warfare 3, Saints Row the Third and Battlefield 3.

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      My favorite game is Left 4 Dead 2…..Its really amazing game…….It is very well designed and amazing graphics in it. I really like it.

      Play strategy games and zombie games online for free without any interruption.

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      My favorite games are:

      world of tanks
      Rob lox
      Sky rim
      Call of duty balck ops
      World of tanks
      He done

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