Friday 15 December 2017

why does the forum not wrk properly sumtimes?

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    Hi Mukesh,

    Jus wana ask what keeps happening to the forum website lately? Mostly in the mornings for me or some afternoons I try coming here but it says something like server application error and a whole page worth of stuff that I don't understand. I think it has been happening with the other members too, not too sure. Could you shed any light on this?




    Yeah.. the same happens to me… I think it is because there are too many people going on the site than the site can handle…? I am not sure though… usually, I just log on afterwards, when it does work…

    Has this been happening since a long time, Tayba? 'Cos it was for me…



    It is because the servers get max'd out on what it can handle, basically we run out of memory. This may continue to happen until I can upgrade to the higher hosting package (I'm very grateful for my hosting provider for letting me run on this package for the time being). I'm trying to minimize the downtime, so I've scheduled the server to restart itself every 5 hours, and that is why people may get kicked out while doing something.

    This is also the same reason I haven't upgraded to the new version, I'm afraid with the added features the site may go down more frequently.

    Find out more how you can help.



    now whats with those huge stars Mukesh Bhai??? aaaand wheres mine????

    and tell me …how does one become a GOLD member??

    and how old are u ???

    lmao u dnt have to answer the last question off coz …

    was just curious ….



    The stars are to identify moderators of the Forums.

    The number of posts that you have made determine the designation, and after certain posts you are designed GOLD member indicating your activeness in the forum.




    K but it is rather blinding …cute but over the top




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