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      hi everyone i just went and got the documentary if shahruk khan. the inner world and outer world of Shahrukh Khan. any comments if any one saw the documentary. it is nice. but too short. i loved it.


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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      OMG!! i wanna see that so bad!!! yeah it was short….he let his hair grow? doesn’t look so nice on him…oh wellz…mai sis saw some of it and she told me how they showed his wife, kids,and his home…but i was ooo mad! I missed it!!! bye….

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      hey…i have that! i love it too…i got it when srk came to release it. i was standing in line to meet him, but there were like 70 million people in front of me, so i never got to go inside, but as he was leaving a whole bunch of people went to his car/van thing and he rolled down the window and i saw him! it was pretty cool. lol.the documentary is great.

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      Surprise At leat you made it in A LINE to meethim !

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      Yup saw the docs, loved his easiness, hated all the smokingBut the highlight was seeing bits of Ganesh ………..***drooooooooooools***Heeeeeeeeeeee isssssssssssssssssssss gooooooorrrrrrrgeeeeeeooooooooouuuuussssssss

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      Who's ganesh???

      Yeah iwish srk would stop smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we want him to live long you know!

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      Whose Ganesh???

      Jeeez Kavi, your Brother in law, in yr didi’s wildest dreams

      He is Ganesh Hegde

      Have u not seen my post about him on facebook???

      Ganesh, the choreographer???

      He moves like magic *****almost faintful*****

      Love him love him love him love him

      He is the reason I found this forum hahahaha

      Wanted to sing along with him to Deewana, needed the lyrics…

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      I dont know who Ganesh is buttttt by the way you describe him he seems to be rocking.

      hmmm calling him my brother in law hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this is getting more interesting!


      I cant believe the person who wrote in a few posts above me got to see srk! That is so cool! I wish ..*sniffs* I wish *stiffles* I could see him *the thought elicits a deep breathe* one day.

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      I am also wish kavita that SRK should stop smoking.The documentry is really nice to watch.This is show that SRK stardom in Bollywood.I don’t see this types documentary of other actor like Salman or Amir.I am also watched full show on SRK life which is shown on TLC.

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      yeah i have seen that documentary a couple of times but i guess it was just exaggerating. I mean why can’t people consider him just an actor.. he was acting like a king of a kingdom and i hate that proudy feeling.

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      SRK is really great, what ever he does in his own style.

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