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      Hey can you please put up the translation in English lyrics of the song Pehli Nazar Mein from the film RACE. Thank you!

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      hai, u r welcome….

      Pehli Najar Mein Kaisa Jaadu Kar Diya

      Here is the song 'Pehli Najar Mein Kaisa Jaadu Kar Diya' from movie 'Race'.

      pehli nazar ne kaisa jaadu kar diya

      your first look has casted such a spell

      tera ban baitha hain mera jiya

      that my heart has become yours

      jane kya hoga, kya hoga kya pata

      what will happen now, i don't know

      is pal ko milke aa jee le jara

      come, lets live this moment for a while

      main hu yahan tu hain yaha

      i am here, you are here

      meri baho mein aa, aa bhi ja

      come into my arms, please do come

      o janejaan dono jahan

      oh my love, both the worlds

      meri baho mein aa bhul jaa

      come into my arms, forget about else

      o janejaan dono jahan

      meri baho mein aa bhul jaa

      baby i love u

      har duwa mein shamil tera pyar hain

      in my every prayer i pray for your love

      bin tere lamha bhi duhvar hain

      without you every moment is worthless/useless

      dhadkano ko tujhse hi darkar hain

      my heartbeats only accept/recognize you

      tujhse hain rahte

      you give me peace

      tujhse hain chahate

      you are my love

      tu jo mili ek din mujhe

      when i met you one day

      main kahi ho gaya lapata

      i was completely lost

      o janejaa aa bhi jaa bhul jaa

      oh my love, do come, forget else..

      Good Bye… when you read this reply meee

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      THANK YOU!

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