Need English Translation for Kismat Se Tum – Pukar

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      Someone please upload the English translation for the song Kismat Se Tum from the film Pukar.


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      Here it is bidisha!! found it in … check it out for urslef..its a gud site.. neway hope u liked it..bye.. Smile

      qismat se tum ham ko mile ho kaise chhoRe.nge
      Fate has granted you to me, so how can I release you?
      ye haath ham na chhoRe.nge I won’t let go of these hands.
      phir se bantii taqdiiro.n ko Our destinies are being fashioned anew.
      armaano.n kii za.njiiro.n ko jaanam ab na toRe.nge Darling, I won’t break the chains of desire.
      kya kahuu.n kaise lagte hai.n dil pe zulfo.n ke saaye How can I tell you what the shadow of your hair feels like on my heart?
      koii bhuula raahi jaise ma.nzil paa jaa’e like some lost wayfarer finding his destination,
      yaa koii dil tuufaan ka maara or like some heart assailed by a storm,
      dard kii laharo.n me.n aawaara drifting in waves of pain,
      koii pyaara pyaar ka saahil paa jaa’e finally reaching the lovely shores of love.
      tukRe dil ke ham tum milke phir se joRe.nge Meeting, you and I shall rejoin the pieces of the heart.
      yeh shiisha phir se joRe.nge We’ll rejoin this glass.
      yuu.n sharmaatii yuu.n ghabaraati aise simTi simTaa’ii Growing shy like this, worrying so, shrinking away, you withdrew.
      o mere baalam yuu.n hii nahii.n mai.n jaate jaate lauT aa’ii O beloved, it wasn’t casually that I turned back from leaving.
      voh priit meri pahchaani tuu ne You recognized my love.
      meri kadar to jaanii tu ne You understood my value.
      ab dil jaaga hosh me.n chaahat ab aa’ii Now the heart has awakened, love has come to its senses.
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      Thank you so much, ximster. You are indeed the best Smile.

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      OMGGG I knew this translation was going to be as beautiful as the song is…..

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