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      I'm real appreciate if someone could please listen to the song (link
      below) and write me the lyrics (in English letters), also the English translation. I love Indian
      music, even though don't know the
      language 🙂

      Thanks !!

      Here is the link of the song:

      Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham (Female Sad Version II)

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      I swear I translated this for you at least 2 times. The forum was going through some issues before, so maybe that’s why it never got posted up. Anyway, this is my absolute favorite version of this song and my favorite scene from the movie, made me cry so much when I saw it. Shahrukh and Jaya are so beautiful in this scene, I adore this. =) So I’d love to translate this for you! =) I will do a literal translation, just so you can get a little bit of the poetry. And if it sounds funny, I’ll put up in parentheses what the actual point is. =)

      Jee Chahta Hai Gale Se Laga Loon,
      My heart desires to put you against my neck. (My heart wants to embrace you.) (I want to hug you.)
      Palkon Mein Rak Loon Main, Nazar Mein Chupa Loon
      To keep you in my eyelashes, hide you in my gaze. (So that I will always be able to see you.)
      Paas Hai, Door Hai.
      We’re close, we’re far. (We’re standing so close to each other, but there is still distance between us.)
      Kitne Majboor Hai.
      How helpless we are.
      Ro Raha Mera Dil, Meri Aankhein Hai Nam.
      My heart is crying, yet my eyes are moist. (The tears may be coming from my eyes, but it is my heart that truly aches.)
      Kabhi Khushi, Kabhi Ghum. Na Juda Honge Hum, Kabhi Khushi, Kabhi Ghum.
      Sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow. We’ll never separate, sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow. (Whether we have happiness or sorrow in our life, we’ll never separate. Because happiness and sorrow are an inevitable part of life. Sometimes you get happiness, and sometimes you get sorrow.)

      I hope that helped! I kind of suck at translating, but I did the best I could. =)

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      That really is a beautiful song! Thanks again Rani 😀

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      You’re welcome, Neesi. =)

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      Hi Rani, thank you so much, I posted the request a while ago, I checked back many times but didn’t see any help, I was dishearted, and didn’t check back, today I was roaming on the net, and so surprise and happy to see your post for the song 😀

      It’s a beautiful song, my favorite scene too, and my favorite actor Shahrukh.

      I like the poetry in your translation, beautiful translation, I really appreciated, now I can read the English lyrics and sing along when I hear the song and understand what I’m singing 😀

      Again, thanks Rani for your help, you’re the best, million million million thanks !!!!

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      Well, then I’m so glad I gave it another try. =) I know how it feels not to understand the meaning of songs. I’m about the only person I know who listens to songs for the lyrics and poetry rather than the music, so I hate it when I don’t understand some words, or whole songs. So I know how you feel! =) You’re welcome! =)

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