lyrics request and english translation…

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    Tomar Maane Grohon Hole

    Eri Mazhe raat Nemese

    Valobashbo by Habib

    Valobashbo Bashbo Re Bandhu
    Tomai Jotone
    Amar Moner Ghore Chander Alo
    Chuiya Chuiya Pore
    Pushe Rakhbo Rakhbo Re Bandhu
    Tomai Jotone
    Valobashbo Bashbo Re Bandhu
    Tomai Jotone

    Dudhe Alta Gayer Boron
    Rup Je Pran Chashona
    Anchol Diya Dhaika Raikho
    Chokh Jeno Porena
    Ami Prothom Dekhe Pagol Hoilam
    Maan To R Manena…
    Kache Aisho Aisho Re Bandhu
    Premer Karone
    Valo Baisho BaIsho Re Bandhu
    Amai Jotone

    Nishi Vore Jonak Nache
    Moner O Gohin Bone
    Shopno Dekhao Bandhu Tumi
    Nithur O Alingone
    Tomai Maya Dilam Shohag Dilam
    Nilam Apon Kore
    Pashe Thakbo Re Thakbo Bandhu
    Tomar Karone

    Ei Dur Porobashe

    Ki Pele, Bolo Ashbe Tumi

    Bhaboto kono rate

    Mone Pore Sey Rater Kotha

    sorry if it's too many, can't help admiring the tune…whoever has time to give translation thank u so much…

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