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Last Movie and Next Movie

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    shutter island confused me
    I think Nightmare on elm street is freakingly scary, well it was waaaaaayyyy back then, the oldddd movies
    the new one disappointed me, I truly wanted to be scared but was just irritated
    am trying to think of a movie, any movie that freaked me out….

    cant think of anything

    I watched how to lose a guy in 10 days -its oldish …but am trying to catch up on movies I havent had a chance to watch
    didnt enjoy it, thought it was rather silly

    also watched twelve, its not out on circuit, for some reason my friend had it on her computer ****oopsss***
    it has chase crawford **any gg fans here??????????*** the story line is good, drugs and teenagers and the effects of it bla bla but the acting was like watching one of those scary movie remakes …this being a scaryyyy movie remake of gossip girl
    i mean the characters there resembled blair, chuck and the rest of these guys

    watched leap year, was as expected… but for some reason it gave me those goose bumps in the middle of the movie…
    I cant remember the lead guys name but he is shooooooo cutteeeeee in a roughishhh manishhhh sorta way.


    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    SHUTTER ISLAND WAS AMAZING! I LOVED THAT MOVIE! The best part? I had it all figured out! I watched it with my sister and friends, and I’m all, “oh, he’s the missing patient!” And everyone is all, “Shut up, Rani. You’re stupid.” And they’re sitting there super confused, and in the end, I’m all, “IN YOUR FACES!” LMAO! I’m either psychic or have very good intuition – cuz I tend to figure out the mystery in movies/books/sometimesLIFE before everyone else. 😀

    Aman ji: Yes, I know what you mean about BKB. I DO want to watch it again though, just have a fixed opinion. I’m weird like that, I have to watch something at least twice to have an unbiased opinion. 😀 And I don’t like Deepika either. I mean, she’s gorgeous and I guess she doesn’t act badly, but I don’t know, in this movie I realized I don’t like her as an actress. Imraan is not a bad actor, though – I think he sort of has a monotonous voice, though. He is cute, but for some reason I didn’t find him attractive. He seemed too boyish for my tastes – but my sister fell in love with the title song of I Hate Luv Storys (It pisses me off when they spell shit wrong – I don’t see the point) and she watched it over and over again until I fell in love with the song and was like, “Oh my, he is so sexy.” LOL

    I liked Kites. I watched it 3 times. I absolutely loved it the 1st time. The 2nd time I saw it with my friend Haylie, and her commentary made it so much more enjoyable! In this once scene, she’s sitting there laughing and then someone dies suddenly, and her laughter dies so fast and turns into a scream that she sort of scared me! She grabbed me and hid her face in my shoulder! LMAO I couldn’t stop laughing! Anyway, the 3rd time I watched it, I was like blah – when is this gonna finish?

    I also sort of saw ‘Drag Me to Hell.’ – I watched it at home with my sister and Haylie, and the only thing that made it enjoyable was Haylie’s commentary. She gets terrified while watching scary movies and the whole time, she was either grabbing my hand, or hiding her face in my lap, or screaming and going, “TURN THIS OFF!” while I’m sitting there laughing! So we ended up forwarding it to the end and Haylie was all, “I hate this movie. I hate you.” LOL

    I can’t think of the last movie I saw… I watched Home Alone 3 with my little brother in the middle of the night and he fell asleep on my bed at 3 in the morning. 😀

    I’m not excited for any movies. Or I can’t remember if I’m excited for any upcoming movies.



    Boo: I found the exorcism of emily rose to be such a sad movie as it was based on true events. It’s unfortunate that the real “emily” was unable to get the care and treatment she needed, I wonder how things would have turned out if she was able to continue on her anti-psychotic medications..

    Last movie I watched was “Patiala House” – I love Akshay and Anushka, the movie was pretty good, I rate it as a 7/10. I’m hoping to watch “7 Khoon Maaf” today if I can finish up some work beforehand. I’ve heard really good things about Priyanka’s acting in the movie!



    OMG ME TOO! Well, hopefully, if plans work out! 🙄 We’ll both have to come back on here and report our findings :mrgreen:

    I cannot believe Prinks (as I so fondly/not fondly call her) is getting GOOD reviews about her acting. I have not really found her in dazzling roles thus far. Partly her acting’s fault and to be fair to her, partly the movies she has been in. But still. Prinks is the one thing I am NOT looking forward to in this movie, but with an open mind I shall goooooooo :mrgreen:

    I did not know the exorcism of Emily Rose was based on a real story, wow. That puts a whole new – scarier – twist on things. *shudder*

    And oooh I watched Patiala House too! I enjoyed it, but it was not the same as Kal Ho Na Ho (director Nikhil Advani’s previous). The characters were only half-baked and hmmm. But still an enjoyable movie and LMBO I CRIED!!!! 🙄 Some things never change… 🙄



    Hey Boo, did you end up watching “7KM”?

    I gotta say it was a let down for me. The male characters weren’t sketched and their flaws weren’t presented properly. Also, the transition between the male characters was extremely poor and the plot wasn’t fully developed. I know the movies supposed is based on a short story, but if they had cut out a few of the male characters, I think the story would’ve been much better and they could’ve filled the gaps better. They could’ve focused more on Susanna’s personality, why she was like that, as well as giving more scope to the male leads and better portraying their relationship with Susanna.

    I thought Priyanka played the part of a woman looking for love really well. The scene where she’s sitting in front of the mirror having a meltdown before killing husband #3 and the Russian roulette scene with her last husband stand out in my mind. But you have to wonder, did she never hear of “divorce”? I think they could’ve better explored her mental state as she was obviously suffering from sort of disorder.

    Overall, I think I would rate the movie as a 4/10.


    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    Aman, I wouldn’t even be able to rate the movie. It was so stupid. I sympathized with the men because their flaws weren’t properly mentioned and it just made Priyanka look like the bad person. Although Husband #…4? (Irfan Khan) was psycho – all that hitting was just like, “um, excuse me? Do I look like a punching bag to you?” I barely understood the movie, I did miss some bits, mostly after Irfan Khan, so that was part of the problem. But mostly, it was just very bad storytelling and directing. The acting was fine – I liked John’s acting when he was on the bed… (spoiler so won’t say more) – and Priyanka was fine too. I really adore Priyanka as an actress, especially after Aitraaz and Don, she’s a great actress – but this movie was just really bad.

    Poor John. Why in the world did she kill him? The poor guy needed HELP! Which she refused to give him, because, “I can’t leave him alone.” – Oh shut up! He doesn’t need YOU, he needs a DOCTOR you crazy lady! And while you’re at it, please go to a doctor yourself. But Aman, I agree with you about the divorce part and that Priyanka had some disorder. I would have sympathized with her a lot more if they portrayed her properly, but they didn’t. They just made her seem really crazy. And not even the I-need-help kind of crazy, more like a serial killer crazy – although they need help as well, but you know what I mean! It’s just that, I didn’t feel the man were doing something THAT wrong that she had to go and kill them all. Divorce would be pretty much the choice right there. I mean, you shouldn’t be killing anyone unless you need to defend yourself – which is why I could kind of understand the Irfan Khan part, but even that, not really. I mean you don’t go to kill anyone unless you’re like… provoked. Have you guys seen that movie? With Aishwarya Rai? Amazing movie, I loved it – if only 7khoon was portrayed in the same way – then maybe… And Naseerudin Shah – I didn’t even KNOW what he did! LOL Okay, maybe I should watch the movie again and pay better attention, but all I saw were like.. apples or some fruit in some cartons and then bam, she’s after him to kill him? :/

    And the ending? WHAT? Just WHAT? WERE THEY THINKING?

    Okay, I’m taking this way too much to heart – so I’ll shut up now.



    hahahaha GUYSSSS I LOVED this movie! lol sigh! Will be back later to write a more detailed review, I agree with the lack of development of Prinks’ character but this movie completely wowed me. I was actually sympathising with her character, and I will explain why later (sorryyyy!). I loved the ending. Though I’m confused as to what happened. But Vishal Bhardwaj did an awesome job with this!




    Rani – I agree, this was completely Priyanka’s movie, she did a really good job. I think some of the male leads did a good job with the limited scope they had, like John in the bed scene as you mentioned, Annu Kapoor and Irfan Khan I thought did a nice job as well, and NNM wasn’t too bad.

    Oddly enough I sympathized with Priyanka’s character as well.. I think that is what was intended by the director/writers etc. Maybe because it was told through the eyes of a character that adored her?? Despite the fact she killed so many people, I actually felt bad for her and her suffering, and wanted her to find her true love and companion.

    One thing I liked about the movie was that it wasn’t gory or filled with violence as I was expecting it to be it. It was actually a bit comical and humorous.. I really think that movie could’ve been much, much better if the plot was more developed and the characters well defined.


    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    –Spoiler alert–

    Thanks Aman, I forgot to do a spoiler alert! :/ Priyanka was fabulous as always, It wasn’t the actors’ fault, they were all great. I think it was the people behind the camera. And I personally dislike movies/images in which the screen or whatever is dark, or unclear. Like in Kaminey, that Dhan Te Nan song was shot in such a way that everything wasn’t completely visible – which is something I personally don’t like. And some of 7Khoon was shot in a similar manner, like the night scenes. Also, I DID miss a great portion of the movie – I just watched the trailer on youtube and noticed that I didn’t see most of the scenes shown on there. So I do have to rewatch the movie to have an unbiased opinion – but nothing about the movie is making me WANT to watch it again. Well, except for Konkona? I love her.

    Oh and Aman, I don’t mind gory – I just needed the plot to be more developed and the characters well defined, like you said. If that had been present in the film, anything else I disliked (like the night/unclear shots) would just have fallen into the background.



    Spoiler alert – 7 Khoon Maaf and Silence of the Lambs

    Prinks’ innocence and the way she carried herself throughout the movie totally made me sympathise with her. I have never really warmed to her as an actress until this movie actually. It was completely her movie and very deserving of a national award.

    Someone pointed out – she was a Catholic – so divorcing/leaving her husband isn’t really possible. And apparently, a sin such as murder is ‘forgiven’ of some sort through confession. There’s some real food for thought her. Oh God that ominous clanging of the church bells (‘Never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee’.. does anyone know any connotations with regards to the bell tolling?), still gives me shivers, absolutely beautiful.

    I think the killing not being justified in the film sort of adds to the crazy sociopath mystique in Priyanka’s character. She wasn’t one for rationale or logic, or looking at things differently. She was pure and completely crazy, and that was the driving factor behind her killings. Even with characters like Jame Gumb in The Silence of the Lambs, it is his mental illness that causes him to do such awful awful cruel things to those women. Prinks has no obvious mental illness, no delusions or paranoia or obsessions/compulsions (… unless you count killing her husbands as an obsession!). She had just – somewhere along the line – lost it when it comes to husbands. Note that her moral character is still ‘intact’ in the rest of the sense. Or at least, within the realms of “human comprehension” – e.g. having sex with the policeman to make him forget the case – and holy %^&* how BRILLIANTLY that was shot! – or torturing John Abraham when he becomes addicted to drugs. Not humane things to do by any stretch of imagination, but you can understand that moral compasses float in all sorts of directions. So there was some crazy, irrational, inexplicable thing that makes her kill her husbands if they go against her.

    Perhaps it all started with her first husband. I LOVED Neil Nitin Mukesh. What brilliant acting. What brilliant DIRECTING in that part! The way he oppressed her, abused her, felt jealousy and spite towards her beauty… all that stomping down on her finally took a toll on her, and maybe that’s when she decided nothing and no one would come in her way in life? Her parents’ death must have affected her too – at a young age as well, especially her mother’s. I remember the narrator saying how black suited Prinks well from the day of her father’s funeral. How she had ‘gone over to the dark side’ on her father’s funeral. So maybe that was an important catalyst in making her the way she was.

    I agree a little bit more of development would have been good but in all honesty, I loved that we were left to pick up the pieces of the puzzle ourselves. I love that I forgot everything and was completely transported into her world.

    Also, the ending was very neat. It made sense as well. Very clever work with the trailers too.




    I admit there were some elements of the movie that I enjoyed, but I still think the plot was way under-developed. It wasn’t about putting pieces of the puzzle together, it was the little things, like the transitions, or poorly defined characters.

    I didn’t even think about her being catholic and thus not wanting to divorce. However, if that is why she killed her husbands instead, I gotta say, her moral compass was way off! Religious or not, I think most people would agree that killing is a graver sin than getting a divorce.

    While Sussanna wasn’t suffering from an obvious psychotic disorder, I do think she must have had some sort of mental illness. I can see some signs of antisocial personality disorder mixed with maybe a bit of depression. I wonder if the short story it’s based on can provide more clues..

    Next movie I want to see is “Tanu Weds Manu,” the trailers look really good 🙂



    Have you seen TWM yet? Not sure how it’s faring?


    RaNi iS ThE BeS


    Tanu Weds Manu: I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie. It was an okay movie, with an interesting plot. Only thing was, it reminded me too much of Socha Na Tha, a movie I really liked for its interesting plot and it was WAY better than Tanu Weds Manu. It was missing something. Or missing a lot. Some scenes were unconventional, like Tanu sleeping through the first meeting and I loved it, found it really hilarious and loved that he wanted to marry her anyway (although I don’t believe in love at first sight) – even though it WAS a little creepy that he would pick an unconscious girl to marry, but maybe that’s why it was so funny, so whatever. =D But the entire story wasn’t executed properly, it kind of dragged and was boring some of the times, and I didn’t like the ending.

    But the acting was good. I normally don’t like Kangana Raunat. Nothing against her personally, of course – I just don’t like her voice and didn’t think much of her as an actress. It’s kind of annoying. But I do like her natural hair (and her name!), it’s beautiful. Anyway, I loved her in this movie. The confidence she displayed in this movie was quite stunning. Her body language was intense – like she knew I didn’t like her, and she was giving me a big F you and flaunting herself just to piss me off (LOL), and looking extremely gorgeous the entire time. In that train scene, with the singing, the way she was sitting, eating those chips (or w/e) and looking at Madhavan – she looked absolutely stunning. Her posture, her grace, her confidence, the intensity in her eyes were so compelling that if I were in that train with her, I wouldn’t be able to stop staring. But what really had me rethinking me opinion of Kangana (as an actress) was her performance to the Kajra Mohabbat Wala song. But more on that later. So I guess this is the movie that turned me into a fan of Kangana, although I still don’t like her voice. =D Madhavan was good. I didn’t see anything that made me go, OMG LOOK AT HIM ACT, but he was fine. Although I did not like his emotional acting scene in the car with Kangana when he was telling her he loved her. Seemed very awkward. Oh, and the character Kangana played? Tanu? I didn’t like her rebellious attitude. I mean, her attitude was fine – heck, I’m like her sometimes, wanting to do something just because my parents don’t want me to do it even if I don’t have any interest in doing whatever it is personally – but I’m just kind of tired of it being portrayed in movies, although I don’t remember the last movie that kind of attitude was in. Or maybe I’m so used to that attitude around me (or in me) that I’ve grown tired of it and was exasperated to see it in the movie? Whatever it was, her attitude had me telling the tv to shut up. Anyway, I also didn’t like the ending of the movie. Jimmy (who I liked in the movie) comes in and says he’s gonna shoot everyone and then just doesn’t? Meh. Having him change his mind just seemed like such an easy way out (to finish the movie). I wanted to see Jimmy as a full on out bad guy – HAVE him shoot everyone! That would have been awesome! Jimmy had potential, but they wasted it. I DID love Manu talking Tanu’s parents in to letting her marrying Jimmy’s character. That was very sweet and the romantic in me loved it. BUT, I wish they had left it at that – had her marry Jimmy’s character and let her think ‘what if’ her whole life and have Manu go off to London. Just do something different! The ending was very typical. OR not have Jimmy’s character in the movie at all!


    Every single thing about this video is absolutely endearing and perfect and I love it to death. I LOVE it when old songs are played in recent movies and danced to – and they did SUCH a great job with this, they even played a long version of it and NOT just two lines of the song! And I LOVE that song too! And have I ever mentioned that I LOVE it when girls dress up and dance with their friends, one enacting the guy and the other a girl? Cuz I do! And I’ve done it myself tons of times and it’s so much fun! So I love everything about this scene, and yes, I am seriously going to list all of those things:

    • Kangana.
    • That Tanu comes in and hugs Manu in front of everyone.
    • The way Kangana says ‘Darling Type.’
    • The way Kangana fixes her dress when she says Kanpuriya dance’ – just her entire body language and her confidence, and managing to look utterly adorable!
    • The way Madhavan looks at Kangana the entire time, all lovesick puppy.
    • The dance steps – but mainly, the way Kangana performs those steps.
    • That Kangana switches from being the ‘girl’ to being the ‘guy.’
    • The bride’s pink dress.
    • The way the groom looks at the bride, kind of sleazy, but still cute! haha!
    • The way Kangana runs up to the bride, throws her hand over her, and sings the song. (Starts at 2:22 in the video.)
    • The little hand holding/moving then twirling step that starts at 2:28. I LOVE the way Kangana does it – her relaxed posture, and the way she twirls the bride in that confident flick of her hand and her facial expressions! Then that bending over backwards dance step she does, it’s awesome! And then that dance step from 2:44 to 2:49 is amazing. Such a simple move that makes her look so energetic. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE her facial expressions through out it. She’s so comfortable in her skin and brining forth a man’s facial expressions, yet looking so much like a girl. It’s brilliant.
    • I love that she flicks at her earring during the earring lyrics part. =D
    • I love when she takes off her tied scarf (love the way it’s tied, btw) to run off to Madhavan and get him to dance. A cute little transition from ‘guy’ to ‘girl!’
    • I love that Madhavan just stands there while she dances around him, and his cute little smile (I found him hot in this song when I normally don’t think much about his looks!), and her expression when he turns around to leave, like ‘hey, don’t go!’ and then she just continues to dance like she couldn’t care less and is having fun all by herself!
    • When Manu’s guy friend pulls him back up to dance and his friend sings the girl’s part and is all touchy-feely! I kind of love it when men play-act being all gay – it’s hilarious {and hot on a hot guy (yes, I’m weird, shut up)}. Especially cuz his friend is acting SO sleazy and dirty!
    • Kangana CATCHES him when his friend pushes him towards her! I was a little amazed! LOL
    • The entire dance she does from 3:40 to 3:55 – it ranges from sexy, to cute, to playful, to angry, to flirty, and then downright funny! And I like that she was standing so that her back was facing him and she was looking over her shoulder at him and he was looking down at her – so CUTE! *squeals!* =D
    • That shocked face he makes when she sort of slaps him and how it lasts for a few seconds and then transforms into a totally cute, lovesick smile! Madhavan was totally hot right there! Not to mention he was wearing black and something that would have almost been a pathani salwaar if only the pants were loose instead of tight! Pathani outfits are so hot on men.
    • I like that Manu didn’t dance the entire time, staying true to his confession of not knowing how to dance.

    Anyway, I think that’s it? So overall, I’d rate the movie a 2/5 – and it’s getting that 2 because of the scene/song described above.

    (I had more movies to talk about but this one was so long and it’s late, so I’m gonna leave it at that for now)



    Okay, so I finally watched “Dhobi Ghat” and I absolutely loved it! It’s great to see BWood turning out some good quality movies. It was such a beautiful movie, the characters were subtle and restrained but there was something about them that made them so relatable and it felt like in a way, they could be anyone I know, with their little idiosyncrasies and their personalities. I feel like watching it all over again!!

    Oh and I also watched “Fast Five” recently, movie was decent. I watched it in IMAX, and that always makes the experience more exciting. I give it a 5/10 overall. Vin diesel is getting old.. The Rock was huggeee!! Pumpin those roids like a monkey!

    Next: I’m looking forward to “Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara” 🙂



    @bolly_lover wrote:

    Okay, so I finally watched “Dhobi Ghat” and I absolutely loved it! It’s great to see BWood turning out some good quality movies. It was such a beautiful movie, the characters were subtle and restrained but there was something about them that made them so relatable and it felt like in a way, they could be anyone I know, with their little idiosyncrasies and their personalities. I feel like watching it all over again!!


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