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      This applies to ALL BWL members.

      Instead of “Help Me”, “Please help”
      in the SUBJECT line, members should use either the Movie title or the
      Song title, and in some cases both (see example below). This should
      help other members like you to search for songs. I don’t think people
      will get good search results if the SUBJECT line is “Please help me”.

      the members that respond to your requests would have to spend less time
      opening topics just to see what the request is. If the SUBJECT is
      descriptive then your request is responded to faster.

      One last thing, please post each song request in a seperate posting. DO NOT request a bunch of songs in a single post.

      EXAMPLE 1: Chamma Chamma from China-Gate
      EXAMPLE 2: Title Song from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

      Please do not
      use words like “help” or “Thank You” or even any exclamation points.
      You may thank the responder in the Post itself as a reply.

      encourage everyone to use this format when creating requests here so
      that I don’t have to spend time doing it and also so that your requests
      can get responses faster.


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