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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

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      Hello everyone. Smile

      Are you guys surprised that the one and only mysterious Boo actually told me that her birthday is today? Well,
      be prepared for another surprise; she didn't. Some of you are probably wondering,
      then why the heck did she
      make this thread?

      Well, one day I was thinking about how we don't know when Boo's birthday is, which means that she has
      been a member of this forum for about 3 years, and no one has ever said to her, “Happy Birthday Boo!” So
      I decided that she should have a “fake birthday,” and since she is my twin, I decided that her “fake birthday”
      should be on the same say as my birthday. Actually, I thought about having it on the day she joined this forum
      so that she can have a day all to herself and won't have to share with me. But the worst best thing about being
      a twin is having to go through all the annoying fun sharing! WinkBig Smile

      Let's just hope that she doesn't mind, because I didn't ask her if I can do this, I wanted it to be a surprise.
      *crosses fingers*

      It doesn't matter if it's not Boo's birthday today (actually, you never know with Boo, it could very well be today!),
      what matters is that this thread is here for her to read on her real birthday. Smile

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      Happy Birthday twin ji. Right Hug I hope you have and awesome day. Smile

      I know I say this a lot, and every time I say it, it's value might lessen, but I want you to know, I am so glad I met
      . You don't even know exactly how much I needed you. You have always been there for me. I meant it. From
      what I can remember, you really have always been there for me. Remember when I dedicated “Lukka Chuppi” to

      my twin bro? I was very frustrated at that time, but you were there for me, and that meant a lot to me. Right Hug Thank you so much for coming into my life. Sometimes, I feel like I would be incomplete if I didn't have you. Right Hug I'll always cherish the moments I had with you…and remember, I'll never forget you. Even if you forget me, I'll annoy you with thousands of pms everyday until you finally agree to remember me. lol. How can I forget you? You've helped me get through some tough times in my life…like I said, you don't even know exactly how much I needed you.


      Ohhhh this looks amazing!!!!!! Well done rani!!!! –hug-

      Happy birthday Boo!!!!!!

      I hope you like this!!! Its just for u 😉 as rani said, its been created for u so that u can have a birthday thread too for whenever it is! Lol how kool if it actually was today! Roshini and Asma r both tryin to make it to the forum to say happy bday (their net don’t work) but they said if they cant make it then to wish u happyyy birthday from them! The rest should be along soon… 😉 This is ur birthday reunion hun. For u:

      Although you are a friend of mine
      And forum posts we exchange
      I would not know you on the street
      And doesn't that seem strange?

      You hold a place within my life
      Unusual and unique
      We share ideals and special dreams
      And still we do not speak

      I picture what I think you are
      Perhaps you picture me?
      An intriguing game for both of us
      For someone we cannot see.

      So for this friendship we possess
      We owe this forum a debt
      Perhaps the charm lies in the fact
      That we have never met.

      Lots of love Tayba xxx

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      Huh…. so this faltoo kid is growing in here… in this forum am seeing this kid since soo many years… and i think this kid has taken that jokers song to her heart (jeena yahan marrna yahan iske siwa jana kahan)

      no wonder why she is alwayz here with her useless comments and wasting her time pressing those buttons on the key board and spending her life on this forum…

      Waise her life is atleast taking some space in this forum good for her….

      Well good that u spend one more faltoo year and now ur more one year closer to ur death…. so enjoy ….

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      Boogedy Boo..Woman of Mystery..

      That’s what you’re called here… I don’t know if without your mystery, you would be exactly the same. Maybe you wouldn’t, but I do know that I would luvvv you as much as I luvvv you know.. coz Boogedy.. with or without ur mystery.. YOU ALWAYS ROCK!!




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      Participant's your birthday Boo since you are Rani's twin.

      Here…I would like to wish you…


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      Am Rani

      *Takes a deeeeep breath*

      Happy birthday to Boo, happy birthday to Boo, happy birthday, happy birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO………BOO!!!

      Congratualtions sweetie, with your “??th” birthday. I hope you have an awesome day, together with your lovely twin. And enjoy the presence of all the “old” members, they are all here, just for you!! Smile

      Boo, I hope you know what you mean to us all. Eventhough we (and then I mean myself, and several other members who used to visit the forum more often) are not here as frequent as we used to be, we did not forget you, and we never will!! We will all remember the rest of our lives how funny and sweet you are, and how you are always there for all of us. And we will always wonder who this “mystery women” is in real life…Wink

      I hope you will never forget how precious to are to me, and to all of us. This forum would have never become such a success without you around.

      I love you loads!!

      BIG HUG!!! Left Hug

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      Am Rani

      Since Shakalaka Baby is in Copenhagen, she asked me to post this message. She wrote it herself, especcialy for you Boo. You see, even when we are on holiday, we keep you in mind.

      So this is from Shakz:

      Hi sweet Boo ji!!

      I’m on holiday in Copenhagen at the moment so Am Rani is posting this message for me.


      I wish you many returns of the day, and a big party with a huge cake!! May your life be filled with happiness, joy and lots of love!! [J] You only deserve to be happy, because you’re a good person and trying really hard to keep BWL together!!

      I also want to congratulate you with the birthday of your twin, Rani is the Bes!! Have a nice day together celebrating your birthday’s!! Big Smile

      Lots of love and a big hug,


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      i'll be damned!! its boogedy 'oh-im-soo-mysterious-nobody-knows-me' boo's bird day!!

      perfect time for another rhyming session…

      aliens name is boogedy

      middle name is scary

      her birdday sounds spooky

      and certainly feels eerie

      another year older

      pretty sure getting more crankier

      but a birdday nonetheless

      enjoy yer day and all the best

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      My wishes for you two cannot be divided in two different threads, so i will post this in both threads. Smile

      There are a very few people in this world who walk along side you without a reason, without any purpose but just for the togetherness. From miles away they stand by you through the day, in an invisible vision felt only by the heart. I perhaps am the lucky one to have not one but two such friendships, although to call them just friends would be an understatement, as they are more like a family to me. I do not know their human features whatsoever but I know them, their visions and smiles I have seen and felt. Here’s to the two most exceptional friends in my life….

      Happy Birthday My Dear Rani…

      Happy Birthday My Dear Boo…

      Its Party Time!!!!!!!!! Big Smile

      Maahi Ve Maahi Ve That's The Way Maahi Ve
      <span style="font-size:12pt;color:blue;font-family:'Mai

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      Happy forum Birthday!! Hope this day, and the rest to come, bring lots and lots of happiness for you.Smile

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      Happy honorary BWL Burp'day my oh-so-mysterious crajee Boo jiiiii Big Smile

      Enjoy the day…dance….and eat cake, lots of it!

      lubssss ramz xxxxxxxx

      ps..rani ji, bless yaa ur post looks amazing!

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      HeY BoO ji!!

      Party!!! Happy Forum Birthday Party!!! =)

      I think this is my first time wishing you a happy birthday Confused , crazeeness!! lol it would be insane if today was actually your real birthday.. either way, Cake Happy Birthday Day hun Cake Gift. Im really glad I sorta got to knw you, we've had some pretty wikkid times here at bolly.. from dancing on tables and breaking keyboards to being on gaurd so you dont go into my room so you dont tear down my johnny posterz.. the forum wouldnt have been the same without you. *major hugz* Hope your always smiling and that all your dreams and wishes come true, gluck with everything you do hun =) keep partying arite, Music its the time to diskO! kaun mile dekho kisko, ohh its the time to disko! Music hehe still a crajeely awesome song!!

      Lubb lots,
      Amaneey Dadi =)

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      Now you know …. Who called me in …. Ur twin … hope u have a
      wonderful day…u both (Rani & Boo)

      Hey Unique Princess …Hey Bolly Lover …Hey Serio … Hey Baqs… it's a nice
      Nostalgic atmosphere here ….

      I am not used to this system yet … so dunno wats going on here …and how u guys makes thing fancy …so this is all I got Smile

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      heyy doc! nice to see u made it! I know it is a nice nostalgic atmosphere na, just like rani had planned! hey but ur picture that u posted doesnt show? and urs shereena!

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      Hey Princess … lol ..yeah and I managed to fix that image thing Confused :whew: … *paseena pocheing* Stick out tongue … its so much more complex now and I dont have the patience to learn this thing Stick out tongue…so how have u been? Smile

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      Everybody didn't make it…Sad

      But thanks to everyone who could! You guys are the best!

      Thank you so much, Tayba ji, for helping me remind everyone! I loved your msn display name! lol. Ur the best! Right Hug

      Didi, that is so cute! Thanks! Right Hug

      yay! Shereena and Aman made it! I was afraid shereena would forget! lol. thanks, both of u!

      Hi Ramz ji! Dude, if it weren't for u, this would never have worked out! thanks! ur awesome! Right Hug

      Dr. Nochiketa – I'm so glad u made it! Thanks! And dude! U scared me with ur random “Hi Boo” post in the say something totally random thread! I was afraid she would probably suspect somehting…I still don't know If she was surprised or not….

      Boo! Were u surprised?!!?

      and Nochiketa ji, this thing is hard to understand! don't worry ji, I had so many problems with it. lol. It wouldn't let me edit when I wanted to edit something! or it would make my message repeat a gazillion times! So irritating! But I finally did it! You'll get the hang of it…

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      lol no my memoriez not that bad and aman told me like 8times 😎 well i guess we kinda told each other..think i told her couple times today. 🙂

      heres a link to my pic iono how to show it up here

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      Traditionally people celebrate birthdays on the anniversary of the date you were born on. However, if you think about it each day is the anniversary of the date you were born on. It is just not always 365 days multiplied by the number of years since you were born on. Besides there is no reason why your birthday can not be celebrated on other days just as well. So this is to wish you a wonderful day, full of happiness and enjoyment. May you have many more fun filled days. Wishing you all the best today, tomorrow and always.

      baar baar din ye aaye, baar dil ye gaaye, tuu jiye hazaaron saal, ye meri hai aarzoo, happy birthday to you

      (may this day come again and again, this heart sings again and again, may you live thousands of years, this is my desire, janam din khushiyon se bharpoor ho)

      Cake Gift Party!!! Smile


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      missy Boo,

      Cherish these friends u have hon, coz they sure are a special lot hey….

      I havent been through much of whats said ….but am sure itz all good thingz Wink

      it feels odd wishing someone this way but hey this is BWL an not everything is

      the way its s'pose to be, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo from moi'


      be it today, tomorrow, a few weeks/months ago, or a month more to follow…

      u have a fab one…

      Sending ye lotza hugz & lurve


      Ps: Keep it simple, Keep it Kewl, Smile Alwayz Big Smile

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      As you guys will probably be able to guess… this is just a QUICK reply… I have a lot to say, and I will say it all soon enough…

      OH MY GOD.

      Rani… hun… Right Hug

      what a beautiful surprise!!! Big Smile I was beaming happily alll day on your our Wink birthday… and even now!!

      Tum mere liye itna bhi kiya hai? Getting all the old members together… the works… you knew what I always kept saying (bla bla old members bla bla LOL), and you made what seemed a distant memory, lost in the path of Time, come true… and that I guess is the real birthday present… and it is one done with so much effort and love… like a craftsman carving a beautiful doll, and paying special attention to everything that he knew the customer would like… sigh…. I LOVE it… and you know I’m saying this from the heart…

      Thank you.

      My first thoughts when I saw this thread (in the main page, under the 'Active Topics' section) was… what the fudge?! Lol.

      And then… all this… my words won't do justice to it… suffice to know I feel truly loved, not just because you did this for me, but because I know you do (love me, that is)… all you guys… Smile

      OK over and out… this thread is gonna get a whole lot mushier in the future… hmmm perhaps this will act as an incentive for the older members to stay (or maybe run away – hmmm?), what say? Big Smile

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      Oh, and another thing…

      Tell me tell me tell me!!! I want to know the whole story… all I keep hearing is snippets from different people… something about MSN and MSN names and getting all the “old” members… sighhh…

      Let me in!! Please?

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      lol YAAAAAAAAAAY she liked!

      *he he he he* *sneaky smile* lol u want the details?! well you're nearly there! what happened was that rani and ramz were talking on msn n then rani got the idea of making you a special birthday thread because none of us know when your birthday is *mystery woman!* lol and so she said it wasnt fair that we all get one each year that we're here and in these past three years u havnt got one! so then the angel she is, an idea came to her. She said she would make u a fake surprise forum birthday on the same day as hers because she calls u her twin! Then she sent a PM to almost all the old members she could think of telling them the situation and that its gona b ur bday surprise and like a bolly reunion for the old members becuz it wud be extra special. She then emailed me asking if I could pass the message on and remind the others too. So, I emailed the forum members on my email list n told them to forward it to whoever wasnt on my mailing list. Then me and ramz put “bolly gurls n guys dont forget to post on the 26th – special boo&rani surprise” lol. I also called dulhan n chooriya but dulhan is on holiday and cudnt get to a computer but she loved the idea and said u really deserve this so on her behalf im sure she wud want me to wish u a forum bday too!. lol all this is down to rani, she really worked hard on this! lol what a sweetheart, huh! asma said she'll try posting from college but her n roshini have told me to wish u from them too 🙂

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      Am Rani

      I only want to say how much I LOVE the fact that so many of us came here, just to leave a post for Boo. WONDERFULL!!

      Rani, you idea totally ROCKED!! Big Smile

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      Tayba ji! Don't give me too much credit! Stick out tongue It makes me nervous. Tongue Tied Seriously

      Boo hunn! I am so glad you liked your birthday present! And hunn, don't trip. you don't have to write a whole lot as your reply. The smile is enough for me. Smile Like I said, If I could do anything to bring about that smile, I would. And i'm glad to know that I can, and did. Right Hug

      I'm really sorry everyone couldn't make it. Sad

      Thanks for coming Madhu ji! I know you're really busy, and I appreciate you taking out time to post something for Boo. Smile

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      she took the time out to post for you too, dear… Right Hug

      i know that smile is enough… but i WANT to do more.. Smile

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS
      Tum mere liye itna bhi kiya hai?

      Since we're correcting today…what exactly are you trying to say? lol. That I would do this much for you or that I did this much for you?

      and fine, if u really want to be faltoo, then be my guest! Big Smile

      *excited to read Boo's crazily awesome post, but doesn't want to let her know*

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      hah!! I KNEW someone would pick up on that… i meant to say “You have done this much for me?”

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      In that case, you should have said, “Tumne mere liye itna kiya?”

      *I hope i'm not teaching boo anything wrong* lol

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      you're probably right yaar… sigh… Stick out tongue

      and heyyy… Big Smile crajee gurl…Faltoo and proud!! Big Smile

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      Actually, I think I am right! lol. Big Smile

      crajee? I thought we already disscussed this? I am not the crajee one. Stick out tongue lol. aaaah! I need sleep!

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS:

      In that case, you should have said, “Tumne mere liye itna kiya?”

      *I hope i'm not teaching boo anything wrong* lol

      Hahaha! Dono galat! *puts on a teacher tone* Infact my darlings its, “Tumne Mere Liye Itna Sab [or kuch] Kiya?” or “Tumne Mere Liye Yeh Sab Kiya?” Stick out tongue loly

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS:

      In that case, you should have said, “Tumne mere liye itna kiya?”

      *I hope i'm not teaching boo anything wrong* lol

      Hahaha! Dono galat! *puts on a teacher tone* Infact my darlings its, “Tumne Mere Liye Itna Sab [or kuch] Kiya?” or “Tumne Mere Liye Yeh Sab Kiya?” Stick out tongue loly

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS:

      In that case, you should have said, “Tumne mere liye itna kiya?”

      *I hope i'm not teaching boo anything wrong* lol

      Hahaha! Dono galat! *puts on a teacher tone* Infact my darlings its, “Tumne Mere Liye Itna Sab [or kuch] Kiya?” or “Tumne Mere Liye Yeh Sab Kiya?” Stick out tongue loly

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS:

      In that case, you should have said, “Tumne mere liye itna kiya?”

      *I hope i'm not teaching boo anything wrong* lol

      Hahaha! Dono galat! *puts on a teacher tone* Infact my darlings its, “Tumne Mere Liye Itna Sab [or kuch] Kiya?” or “Tumne Mere Liye Yeh Sab Kiya?” Stick out tongue loly

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      er…. i intended for only one post….. its all gobbledygoop now!

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      RaNi iS ThE BeS

      Gosh dii! We were so wrong that you had to post it up four times? Stick out tongue lol.

      You know, I was going to say, “Tumne mere liye itna kuch kiya?” But it didn't sound right. Tongue Tied

      What I tell you?!? My hindi/urdu sux! haha. Big Smile

      But dii, correct me every time i say somethign wrong, teekh hai? and Boo can correct my English. Stick out tongue hehe!

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      Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics at

      I wish you all the best and I hope you had a wonderfull b-day and you got everything that your heart desired.

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