Sunday 17 December 2017

Forum back up!

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    First of all, a very sincere apology from me to all of you. The forum is back online and should be allowing everyone to post as normal. I've read through some of your posts today and I can see the frustration and don't blame anyone at all. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    On August 16th 2009 I noticed there were no posts made by anyone so I tried to upload new photos from the movie Aladin in the Bollywood Stills area, it worked and so I thought maybe people just didn't post today. Then a few days later I noticed the forum was silent, but I did see replies being posted. Again I thought the same. Then finally couple of days ago I tried to post and got the same error as all of you may have been seeing. I immediately went to work to see what was going on and of course the database had filled up and was blocking some tables (particularly the new posts table) from working. That is why Bollywood Stills area worked but New posts stopped and sometimes replies were also denied. I worked with my hosting company to free up some space and grant me some more space, which they were nice enough to do without any extra charge. (I'm not sure I'll be that lucky next time 🙂 ) If anyone is looking for a hosting service for their website, is the best, they provide world class support and customer service.

    Ok, so just wanted to give everyone some background on this outage. I also have noticed that my contact us form is not working either, I will have to fix that now. What I am surprised about is that noone sent me an email saying that the forum was not working. I would have expected the loyal BWL'ers to send me a note. Anyhow, please forgive and enjoy the forum.



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