Sunday 17 December 2017

BollywoodLyrics Forums upgraded

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    Hey All,

    I've upgraded the forums with the latest version of the Community Server software. There are a some new features that I'd like to share:

    1) When you login in, on the top right, you will see your private converstaions and friends online.

    2) The posting window has changed and features a question/answer type functionality.

    3) The threads look and feel like more of a comment posting

    4) Media tab where I will be able to upload images/wallpapers etc.

    5) Wikis – although not enabled, can be turned on if we see a need for it.

    6) It is a bit faster (you guys can also testify whether or not it is true for you)

    Let me know your thoughts and any problems you may face.

    Thanks and enjoy always,





    I always read the post on this site which I enjoys….but I recently signed up..It is a great site and yes I do love the new features. Great Job!



    Hello Mukesh,

    I cant seem to upload/download 🙂 photos and I cant seem to create a folder??

    Havent had a chance to check the newest version of the forum yet …sooo will let u know what I think when I do..

    Just need to upload a pic on my profile for now…





    Hi Scarface,

    Can you explain where you upload/download photos and also create folders? I'm not sure which section of the site you are talking about.




    Hi Mukesh,

    Thank you for taking the time out to do this, hope you are well.

    The upgrades look good… the pace seems to be fast enough, as usual… but I just have a couple of queries – 1) would it be possible to have the threads in a thread-like format rather than this 'speech bubble' conversation-like format? I'm not sure how other people feel about it, so it would be worth seeing what everyone else thinks, but I personally think the thread-like format looks nicer. 2) Is it possible at all to have the colour scheme as green again? It's just that it's been a 'tradition' of sorts of BWL, and it would be nice to keep it up… especially as the more regular posters on the forum see this place and definitely the green colour associated with it as 'home'… Smile

    Just a couple of thoughts!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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