Monday 11 December 2017

Antakshari- 10 YEARS!

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    Anju Darling

    hey guys..just wanted every1 to know that Antakshari ( the show on Zee TV) has been running for 10 years! Way to go! Let this forum be a tribute to Antakshari:)


    desi kudi

    Wow, yeh thats cool!

    I love watching the show!!

    Wink [;)] desi kudi


    Anju Darling

    the hosts are pretty good at singing too


    desi kudi

    yeh thats true, i guess the hosts have to be good singers though don’t they.

    Do u watch ‘Sa re ga ma pa’? hosted by Shaan, he’s a good singer! Sonu Nigam used to host it i think if i’m right?



    yeh desi kudi u r right shan n sonu r my fav singers n than adnan sami

    Big Smile [:D] *~* R!$H@// *~* Big Smile [:D]


    Anju Darling

    yea i was saregama pa..shaan is a good singer

    i also watch kuch kethi hai yeh dhun- the host is raageshwari do u all watch that too?


    desi kudi

    Hi guys! yea i know that show Anju but i don’t watch it.

    Speaking of Raageshwari! do u guys remember that song she did:

    ‘mukhda piya ka dekh ke……sara badan sharma gaya….aankhon se oss ne baat ki….can’t remember all the words.

    Then ‘ni mein ki kara mere piya se uljh gaye nen’

    If anyone knows this tune! i will be so happy cos i have been searching for it for ages!!!! they don’t have it anymore anywhere. When i went to India they didn’t even stock it there anymore either!
    I really love this song!Smile [:)]
    but i can’t get hold of it! Sad [:(]

    Please help if you know!!!

    Hey thanks for reminding me Anju Darling!!! Big Smile [:D]


    desi kudi

    waiting for replies! please help!!

    Smile [:)]



    i watch the show every time but they aren’t bringing in any celebs
    then after a while it gets a little bit boring

    Smile [:)]Big Smile [:D][8D]Property of Hrithik Roshan,Kareena Kapoor,Rani Mukherjee,and SRKSmile [:)]Big Smile [:D][8D]
    Surabhi Mahamwal at
    Keep on laughing so other people can laugh with you!!!!!!


    Nisha Patel

    Ya…I like SHAAN so much …his dimpling smile is so nice….thats why I like “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” but really this show was so nice…that’s why this show was running…..



    Hey every1 I love Sa Re Ga Ma because of Shaan too I love his voice. If you like to vote for participant go to



    This show is simply superb. Only one comment, compare to earlier shows, that started with Sonu Nigham, now a days, it has become very commercialize, they should filter out reality show kind of part….and yes Shaan is simply great…



    I heard that very soon zee tv will be starting a Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007. It's one of my all time favorite reality show.



    SaReGaMaPa has been there for a long time brothers. Just look at the number of people associated with this.

    Sonu Nigam- Host (1995–1999)
    Amaan Ali Khan- Host (1999–2001)
    Ayaan Ali Khan- Host (1999–2001)
    Shaan- Host (2002–2006)
    Aditya Narayan – Host (2007–2009)
    Dhairya Solecha & Afsha Musani – Hosts of Li’l Champs 2009
    Ms. Jani & Karan Singh – Hosts of Mega Challenge 2009
    Purab Kohli – Host (2010)

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