‘achhey dukkho achhey mrityu’ – Rabindrasangeet

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    here u go: the lyrics of the requested Tagore song…

    achhe dukho achhe mrityu biroho dohon laage
    tobuo shaanti tobu aanondo tobu ononto jaage
    tobu praan nityodhara haase surjo chondro taara
    boshonto nikunje aase bichitro raage
    torongo milaaye jaay torongo uthe
    kusum jhoriya pore kusum phoote
    naahi khoy naahi sesh naahi naahi doinyolesh
    sei purnotaar paaye mon-sthaan maage

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    I hope there's an english translation for non-bengalis (like me) who are into bengali songs …thanks in advance…

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    Dear Sushma,

    Here is a translation I once tried out for my English speaking friends who

    were interested in TAgore. I have some more at my blog, if you are interested:


    Aachhe dukhkho aachhe mrityu

    Amidst pain, death and longing,
    There is still peace and happiness
    And the music of an infinite bliss plays on.

    Life is still restless
    And the laughter of the Sun, Moon and stars
    Fill the heavens
    And spring
    Unfolds in all its hues.

    Waves rise as do they fall,
    Flowers die, only to awake again.

    In all this world
    Nothing is lost,
    There is no end,
    No lack of fulfillment.

    And so my heart seeks a place
    At the feet of that abundant joy.

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    Thank you so much for the translation and I appreciate your blog…very helpful indeed to share lovely and great rabindrasangeet

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