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      He is so good looking for an indian man he is breathtaking, I’m spanish and our men are very good looking, but abhishek he is just so mesmerizing. He needs to meet a latina girl to see the difference, Karisma poor thing she doesn’t know what she lost LOSER.

      Latin Girl

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      hahahaha if u think abhishek is good looking wait till u see shah rukh khan he super se.xy Big Smile [:D]
      but to me abhishek isn’t that cute his nose sticks out so far
      and i said that if he was a little skinnier and if his face was a little bit wider he would have looked jus like his father when his father was young
      omg amitabh was se.xy and really really handsome when he was young i don’t know what happened now but i still thinks he’s mad coolBig Smile [:D]

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      lol..well pple get older you know rose lol but amitabh is still kewl oh yeah! to everyone!

      hey mterenzio you are spanish?

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      mterenzio..hey! who introduced you to this forum?
      lol you like abhishek? well he is handsome you know
      rose! you talking about abhisheks nose
      srk’s nose comse way out too but its so ***y lol

      yea mterenzio
      me and shahruk is the best
      are totally in love with shahrukh khan he’s so dreamy and ***y lol
      we are praying for our husbands to look like him haha

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      lol srk nose is kind of wierd
      but he’s sooooooooo se.xy so it’s hardly noticable

      mterenzio welcome to the forum tell us more about urself

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      nah his nose is good

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      b4 his face use to look out of place cause he hasd like really big hair and his nose looked more crooked and now that he lost alot of weight he looks Stick out tongue [:P] scrumpuous

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      what does scrumpuos mean hahahaha
      oh he lost weight? good for him haha
      what do you mean he had big hair

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      scrumpuos means tasty Smile [:)]

      yeah he had like long hair and it wa kind of high and he was not that fat but his face was but the he like lost the weight on his head
      hahahahahaha he had a big head
      anyways yeah he lost the wieght but sometimes i be thinking that he should gain back a little

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      oh how skinny did he get

      what u mean he lost weight on his head lol
      im confused
      wait yea he did get skinnier like his tumny gone down

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      nah his stomach didn’t go down to much but his head had gotten smaller lol

      yeah forreal i think his head had shrinked and after he got the hair cut he looked better

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      i dont know
      now his face was more bigger like
      i think it was just like that bc he was younger
      but he looks nicer now

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      yeah he does

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      Smile [:)]

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      Big Smile [:D]
      hey what does ur avatar says i’ve been looking at it and i made out that it kind of says the secret of something something and kareeena at the bottom

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      oh wow
      heyi never really look at that writing
      but now that you mention it
      it does say kareena at the bottom
      and i have no idea what it says at the top there

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      damn guys, sorry 2 interrrrrrrrrrupt, but nice conversation.

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      lol thanks but more than half was cut of when we switched to this forum

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      really? tat suks, i seen some other forums tat were cut 2. i kinda liked the old forum better.

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      yeah me too this forum is still a bit confusing to me

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      yeah 4 meeh 2. can u tell meeh how to get an avatar after you already have an account. cause i didn’t get one when i was registering. i didn’t know how to. can u tell meeh how 2 get 1.

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      hey when you log in – you look at the top right hand corner it has ur id, click on ur id – then click on the tab that says avatar. then click browse and put any pic u like. then click up date. after it finishes , click save changes

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      yeah sames as kavita said but when u go to put the pic in u have to click yes on the enable avatar

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      i did do tat, but it still won’t go. i dunno wat’s wrong. when the data finishes loading , a page comes after that, that says error or unable to… something.

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