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      Hi there!

      If anyone can sent me an english translation of the Song “AAJA THUJKO PUKARE MERA PYAR” mivie NEEL KAMAL




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      aajaa, tujhako pukaare meraa pyaar
      come, my love is calling out to you
      aajaa, mai.n to miTaa huu.N terii chaah me.n
      come, I am destroyed in your love/desire
      tujhako pukaare meraa pyaar
      my love calls you

      dono jahaa.N kii bhe.nT cha.Dhaa dii maine raah me.n terii
      I offered the present of both the worlds in your path
      apane badan kii khaaq milaa dii maine aah me.n terii
      I brought my body to ashes in my desire for you
      ab to chalii aa is paar
      at least now come over to this side
      aajaa mai.n to miTaa huu.N …

      itane yugo.n se itane dukho.n ko koI sah naa sakegaa
      No one will be able to suffer such sorrows for so many ages
      merii qasam mujhe tuu hai kisiikii koI kah naa sakegaa
      I swear on myself, no one will be able to say you are somebody’s.
      mujhase hai teraa iqaraar
      you have accepted my love
      aajaa, mai.n to miTaa huu.N …

      aakhirii pal hai aakhirii aa.Nhe.n tujhe Dhuu.NDh rahii hai.n
      It is my last moment, my last sigh is searching for you
      Duubatii saa.nse.n bujhatii nigaahe.n tujhe Dhuu.NDh rahii hai.n
      Drowing breaths, extinguishing gaze is searching for you
      saamane aajaa ek baar
      come infront of me once
      aajaa, mai.n to miTaa huu.N …

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      Thanks Nisha

      You have made by day bright.

      Take Care!



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