Friday 24 November 2017

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    iont like chai, its smelly. I had a sip of it once when I was small n I hated it. Ironically I make the best chai in the house lol or so my dad says Angel Umm what else. oh yeah British people luv tea so damn much. Its like the cure for everything. “lemme put the kettle on, fancy a cuppa?” ok too much eastenders… lol london ppl will know wut im on about

    watches *-)



    lol ju posh freshy 😛 u kno u like ur cha witha drop of lemon or honey 😛 tee hee =) brit preak

    watches are tope. tehy’re berry useful, they tell u the time which generally keeps ppl not late. lol not me though 😛 theres lotsa diff kinds and styles and colours and sab. they berry change 🙂 *-) iono where i put mine lol i find it 🙂

    nail file


    Am Rani

    Wonderfull, I have a great one, it can file, it cleans your nails, it makes them shine… I love it (and I love to drive my sister crazy by hanging in front of the tv, filing my nails for an hour, hahahaha Wink )




    Most delicious when steamed & seasoned! I truly believe that man was intended to eat only veggies!

    They are so much better for one than meat and one might live heathfully on just vegatables!! Some of

    the best grow underground: po-taa-toes, yams, parsnips, radishes & beets! I love veggies!

    internet cafes



    have not been to one, ever !! the ones I have walked passed at the Shopping malls looks cosy yet has no privacy….Doors to a new world for anyone who dares heheheehe

    next…Premarital Sex…yeah as in Sex before Marriage…



    WOW! That was pretty random…ooorrrr waaaas iiiiittttt! lmao (kidding)

    I live in America and it almost seems a way of life here! I don't see that many young people

    are told of the negative repercussions of this act! How it affects one mentally as well as physically!

    How it affects one's family and not just themselves! They are just told to do it safely, but not taught

    to respect themselves as well as their 'higher power'! I say it this way because not everyone believes

    in an Almighty God. As far back as I can remember, my mother taught me that what many people

    idolize (sex) is more than a physical act. It is, in fact, a gift from God, to a man & HIS WIFE

    and should be shared ONLY between those two.

    *whew* Admin ji…u must find an emoti with a big sweat bead on its forehead! lol

    I'd like to hear others' thoughts on the subject…



    Correct, dis wasnt random….

    see ur the only one daring enough to respond to this subject….aaargh I give up

    anyways, next….

    Make up???



    Make up? A complementary for beauty.. Smile Everybody is naturally beautiful, so make up helps to enhance and complement this beauty.. Smile Happiness?



    Happiness… something everyone wants and strives for. You need it to live. Its a very vast topic, lots of things can be said about the feeling.

    Asthma pumps?



    vital for those who have asthma……



    er…they dont exist ??


    Indian Men……need I say more.



    lol…never looked into one eh ? scared it might break ?? well its ok, as long as you can avoid 7yrs of bad luck !!


    dude, u askin me or confessing yr fears here?? lmao

    truth be told, am not self-obsessed, mirrors dnt interest me much hehehehe

    Wine, good to clean windows…make u drunk really quick…bad taste yuk

    Teddy bears


    confess my fear of mirrors ?? please !! i am so vain i have mirrors all around me so i can stare at my gorgeous self !! *rolls eyes*
    Teddy bears ?!?! why on earth would anyone want to comment on stuffed toys for ?!?
    Remote Control
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