Friday 15 December 2017

Say Something Totally Random

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    Hungry, but nauseous at the same time. Head is fuzzy and eyes keep closing. Need to get up but too tired to move.
    Im gonna sleep.

    Time goes by fast.. too fast. And yet too slow. It’s a complicated one.

    Amazing how fast the adrenalin can wear off. You feel the rush, forget all aches and pains, how tired you are, and everything else that is going on. Just focus on the task at hand and how to fix the situation. Prioritize. The biggest thing that I have got to get better at. Now I am pooped. And rambling I suppose? I am being Random 🙂

    Lets see.. something else random..

    I like sleep.
    Blue is my favorite colour.
    I feel like listening to music and drinking cool water.
    I am sad the Canucks are out of the playoffs.
    I want to smell the beautiful rain soaked flowers and grass outside.. I love the smell of freshly mowed lawn.

    That is enough for now 🙂



    I like blue too. 🙂



    I don’t like being blue, but i lub the colour blue. All sorts of shades of blue. I want to paint my room this summer, not sure what colour would look the best. *-) Thinking a shade of blue/green, very light and summery. Suggestions peoples???



    am just wondering
    if u mix blue and green, wont u get something like yellow??

    I usually spend a lot of time mixing colors but havent in a while so have forgotten

    blues a lovely color, reminds me of the ocean and the sky all at once
    green is my fav color.. theres a couple of really pretty shades of green you can use for your wall
    ie if u havent already painted it yet:)



    he asked

    I said



    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    Scarface, congrats! =)

    Unpopular opinion: I ADORE Katrina Kaif and I think she acts great. She definitely has room for improvement (but then, who doesn’t?), but to criticize someone who is always always always praised for being such a hard worker and so passionate about her career choice… I just can’t do it. I love her.



    This forum hasn’t been used since last year. How sad! Thought I’d change that. Plus, I am extremely bored right now 😛

Viewing 7 posts - 5,701 through 5,707 (of 5,707 total)

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