Wednesday 22 November 2017

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    I think we all have made our messages quite clear, and apologies have been given… so lets move on before this thread goes off topic 🙂

    In my opinion, this issue is resolved and will no longer require anyone posting here (unless there is another post requiring our attention) so again lets move on.


    awwwww dude….u such a nice guy. thank GOD im not the one in charge here..else i wud have given her the boot!! 🙂



    -End of Discussion-

    May you have lovely sheets of Egyptian cotton.


    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    I'm sorry for posting in this topic, but since I posted the problem, I think I should offer a thank you.

    So THANK YOU for solving the problem. Big Smile

    – Rani


    RaNi iS ThE BeS

    Can someone please unlock this thread:

    Thank you in advance. Smile

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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