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Book Recommendations

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    Yeah, books can take up a lot of space. Especially if you are going away for more than a few days and want to take a couple books with you. Hope you have fun on your trip and with all your shopping, a from everyday is always good!!

    I just reading “Sacred Games” last night. It was a lengthy but enjoyable read. The story is sent in Bombay/Mumbai, and revolves largely around two central characters: an underworld gangster who is trying to discover himself and find meaning of life, and a police officer who is simply trying to get through everyday life and work by dealing with shady characters, until the case of a lifetime is thrust upon him.

    Im always kinda sad when I finish reading a good book. I feel like I become part of the story, and when it ends it sometimes feels like I’m missing a bit of me.. does that make sense or am I a freak? πŸ˜•



    NO I completely get what you mean. I actually said good bye to the characters in Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City LOL. :mrgreen: …. as you do, of course… πŸ™„

    I am actually contemplating joining the technology scene and getting myself a Kindle or whatever it is called. (Yes yes major traitor I know!! And a major hypocrite after telling you how it’s so much nicer to have the book!!) But of course, right now I can’t afford anything new anyway. Have my heart set on getting a wide angle lens for my camera so I think that’s where the next supply of savings will go to. Or maybe a holiday in winter, hmm! I have a friend in Kuwait whom I really want to visit… :/ argh, decisions. Why can’t money grow on trees! lol



    Haha, I don’t think I’ve ever formally said goodbye to any characters.. If it is a good book, I do tend to get immersed in it, imagine what my life would be like if I was part of the story, how I would relate to the characters, how I would react if I was in their place. Thankfully all my nuts and bolts are in place, can you imagine what it would be like if you had a break from reality and were in some sort of psychosis. Freaky.



    Lol, I know what you mean about being a “traitor”, I feel that way sometimes, but I absolutely love my Kindle. It is just so convenient and portable. I miss the feel of books and flipping actual pages, but for me, personally, the pros of the kindle outweigh the cons.

    Ooo you have an SLR! exciting. I was considering purchasing one recently (was looking at the Nikon D3100 – a good entry level DSLR), but wasn’t sure how I would like it. I’m sure it takes excellent quality pictures and has a lot of great features, but I ended up crapping out and buying the Nikon coolpix s8100. A nice point-n-shoot, good image quality and easy to use. Plus it is lightweight and compact. Maybe someday I’ll be ready for a DSLR.



    Some of the books I read recently, I actually took down some of the names suggested here and searched for the books ..found the god of small things a tad bit uncomfortable to digest but I loved loved love the writing on my forehead and the Rohinton Mistry book, except I couldnt find the suggested one, the best readings came from the Amy tan books, I read all( i think every book they had of hers at the lib) and absolutely LOVED IT, it came at the right time for me, losing my mum and reading all these relationship stories ***sigh**
    oh I also enjoyed Chimamanda – My WORD, she is an awesome writer, cant get enough of her work, purple hibiscus started of slow and I coudnt bring myself to continue reading it but then it gripped me and I wouldnt leave it until I was done…
    I read a few others that were recommended here but cant remember all the names/titles.. have completed the reading group, loved it. I think now am reading this mystery crime novel by Tess Gerritsen, call after midnight..started it this am.. but am more looking forward to James Freys – A million little pieces, I ordered it so waiting ( impatiently for it to be shipped) heard its controversial, was watching snippets of an interview the author had with Oprah so it got my attention.. welll here goes!!!! Two months of literary intake .. a sure way to distract myself from life:)

    Rohinton Mistry – Family Matters – loved it
    Amy Tan- Saving Fish from drowning, The Bonesetters Daughter, the kitchen god’s wife, the joy luck club – loved all of it
    Stephen King – The green Mile – cant believe how gripping this book is, want to watch the movie now
    Harlen Coben –The innocent, Hold tight – uhmmmm didnt enjoy as much as I thought I would, predictable
    Nora Roberts- Ceremony in Death – actually liked it
    Shobaa de’ – Snapshots- was funny and unbelievably realistic
    Meg cabot – size 14 is not fat either –
    Sarah Webb – Some kind of Wonderful
    Aravind Adiga – The White Tiger
    Dean Koontz – Mr Murder
    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie –The thing around your neck, Purple Hibiscus, half of the yellow sun
    Jeffrey Deaver – The Sleeping Doll
    Chris Roberson –book of secrets
    Stuart Mcbride – Flesh House
    Elizabeth Noble- the girl next door, busy reading ( the reading group)
    Anna Richards – Little Gods
    Nicolas Sparks – True Believer
    Nora Roberts-savor the moment
    Erica Spindler – Breakneck
    Beth Kendrik – Ex’s and Oh’s
    Dean KOONTZ – Relentless
    James Patterson- 7th heaven, 8th confession, Mary Mary
    Nafisa Haji – The writing on my forehead (loved it )
    Jonathan Kellerman – Confession
    Ali Smith – Hotel World –
    Arundathi Roy – the god of small things
    Isabel Wolff –forget me not



    @**scarface** wrote:

    Meg cabot – size 14 is not fat either – was a good read, funny
    Sarah Webb – Some kind of Wonderful – hmm the usual romance novel
    Aravind Adiga – The White Tiger – loved this one ***BOO, u shud check this one out***
    Dean Koontz – Mr Murder- interesting like all Dean Koontz novels
    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie –The thing around your neck, Purple Hibiscus, half of the yellow sun-loved it all, def recommend her work
    Jeffrey Deaver – The Sleeping Doll-predictable
    Chris Roberson –book of secrets-sorta interesting
    Stuart Mcbride – Flesh House-my word, if u have a funny tummy for the gruesome, DONT read, appararently its based on true events – people eating people ….I honestly dont look at meat the same way now
    Elizabeth Noble- the girl next door, busy reading ( the reading group) -loved both, Theres this book called, the things I want my daughter to know, for some reason on two different occassions, I had picked that book and left it back coz it was just ..well too sentimental for me to even look at, and dats the title only, but weirdly I randomly chose, the girl next door and off handedly bought the reading group by the very same author, so I guess in an odd way its a sign for me to read that first book:) I would recommend her books, reminds me of catherine cookson/jodi picoult
    Anna Richards – Little Gods – actually liked this book after a while…interesting
    Nicolas Sparks – True Believer- hmmm predictable
    Nora Roberts-savor the moment – absolute romance
    Erica Spindler – Breakneck – suspense was sorta predictable
    Beth Kendrik – Ex’s and Oh’s – was ok
    Dean KOONTZ – Relentless- liked
    James Patterson- 7th heaven, 8th confession, Mary Mary – loved the first Mary mary twice now
    Nafisa Haji – The writing on my forehead (loved it ) lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved it
    Jonathan Kellerman – Confession- not recommended
    Ali Smith – Hotel World – reminded me of my mother, for some odd not sure why way
    Arundathi Roy – the god of small things- ok so were these sibling playing at incest or am I retardedly jumping to conclusions here, it just didnt keep me attentive enough to understand it.
    Isabel Wolff –forget me not



    I want to recommend the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins! It’s supposed to be a “young” adults series about a post-apocalyptic world, where everything is controlled central government. I was hooked from the first few pages, and read all three books within a week. The books are gripping, full of surprises and brilliantly written. If you have time to read these books, give them a shot, I’m sure you will enjoy them πŸ™‚



    They are making movies based on the Hunger Games trilogy!! So excited. Will have to re-read the books before the movie releases.

    I just finished reading Dennis Lehane’s series based on two PI’s Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro. Gotta say, the last book “Moonlight Mile” wasn’t as good as the other. I think “Darkness Take My Hand” and “Gone Baby Gone” are my fav two novels in the series.

    Not reading anything atm, trying to figure out what genre I want to read next.



    I’ve bloody started reading the Babysitter’s club again! Need some comfort reading with the hell that is my life right now πŸ˜› Don’t judge!



    Hahahaha!! Babysitters Club?? Wow, that brings back some fond memories. I learnt so much from those novels, they were good stories lol.



    Have recently started reading “A Game of Thrones”. This series was recommend by a few of my cousins. I figured if these men can be so pumped up over some books, they had to be good! I’ll let you all know how it goes πŸ™‚



    I don’t like to read books as I find them boring. However, I would like to share that the last book which I have read was Harry Potter.



    My husband bought me a Kindle for my birthday last year. I was totally against them before – cos I love the smell of paper books and I love pretty front covers and shopping in book stores for ages… (I am such a dork lol). It was a surprise and at first I was unsure but now I love it!!

    I just finished reading ‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett and it was amazing and powerful and wonderfully written. Well worth the read! The movie was good too, but books are always better of course.



    @bolly_lover wrote:

    Hahahaha!! Babysitters Club?? Wow, that brings back some fond memories. I learnt so much from those novels, they were good stories lol.

    Damn right they are! lol. :mrgreen:



    So I finished the Game of Thrones a few months ago.. the book was a good read and different from anything else I have read. That being said, I probably won’t read any of the sequels. It isn’t my type of fiction. I’m still interested in the TV show, have the first season on my computer, and will probably start watching it when I finish re-watching Gilmore Girls πŸ™‚

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