Wednesday 23 April 2014

Below are list of sixteen hindi lyrics


Music: Gaurav Dagaonkar, Prashant Pillai & Adam/Eddie
Lyrics: Anurag Bhomia-Shivranjani Singh, Tony Kakkar, Raj Purohit, Preeti Pillai & Pawan Sony
Music Label: T-Series


We barely have any expectations, of course. It’s a small film devoid of star-cast and movies like these with exceptional music happen once in a blue moon. To top it all, the music is done by multiple music makers, ditto lyricists.


It is ‘Chad Gayi‘ (Tony Kakkar, Neha Kakkar and Sanker Sharna with Amrit Rao doing the Tamil rap portions) that has a semblance of a haunting quality thanks to the way the hook is used. Tony doubles up as a lyricist and Prashant Pillai scores music. But this catchiness is lost in the wilderness that the rest of the score is. The ‘Chad Gayi Remix‘ improves a bit on the regular version, thanks to the clever way it is produced by DJ Ribin Richard.

Bas Tu Hi Hai‘ sung by Suraj Bharti and Jaspreet Jaz, composed by Adam/Eddie and written by Raj Purohit, has clever words about how it is the girl who makes it all worthwhile for her suitor despite the hiccups of life that include sweating, inflation, literature as a subject, bunking college and even spitting! However, the lyrics meander a lot and do not get into any depth.

The rest of the songs, including the title-track composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar, do not make any mark at all. In fact, the title-track ‘Solah Baras Ki‘ makes us wish we were listening to the Ek Duuje Ke Liye song that had the same first line instead!

One thing is crystal-clear from this score – that indifference to good music is the prerogative of not just some big names but also the small producers. Sixteen has songs that boast of similar orchestration to many of the bigger films with mediocre music, and the singing patterns, defective dictions and vacuous words are boringly similar and predictable. Wish that even one song here had used a singer’s talent or a guitar differently and in a standout manner.

There is nothing absolutely to write home – as the saying goes – about ‘Jhagde‘, a raucous song that is actually sad if one goes by the lyrics and not the beats, ‘Maybe Baby‘, ‘Ishq Ki Ada‘ and ‘Love Love Love‘ – other than to mention the common point that they are all eminently forgettable.


There is almost nothing that excites us about the music of this teenybopper film. Sixteen is the age of discovery and self-exploration and the music here has nothing in it that warrants either journey.

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Chad Gayi, Bas Tu Hi Hai

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