urgently need to get rid of ALL spammers on the forum

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    Hi Mukesh

    Would’ve mailed you but decided to just post here instead with hope that some of the other members can assist as well

    personally its getting really fustrating to see all these spam posts, driving me up the wall having to go in and delete post after post


    can we not or do we not have another easier method to get rid off all the spam posts on the forum on one go?

    also I knw we spoke about this before but is there a way to prevent future spammers from becoming a member of the forum?

    I log in and am put off from posting having to go through all the junk these people post, by the time I delete a few posts, am not in the mood to be here any longer

    Anyone else reading, who has a way for us to get rid of this situation, please please please pretty please help out





    I tried various things. Even added a CAPTCHA to stop bots from registering. Now I’ve turned on moderation of registrations, all new registrations have to be approved by me. Hopefully that will slow it down. I’m open on taking suggestions to improve the PHPBB forum software if anyone has experience with it to stop spammers. Any Add-Ons or Plug-ins?

    I’m also trying to clean up old registrations that spammed before but that process is going slowly. If you want to become a moderator and help let me know. Few of us doing this may be faster.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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