Saturday 30 August 2014

Responses not saved//posted

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    You shouldn’t have to login twice. If I understand correctly, you login as usual, but when you try to reply or create a new post (once you hit the Post) button, the site prompts you to relogin?

    There may be two reasons for this that I can think of right away….
    1) You browser or some kind of security software on your computer is preventing “cookies” to be saved on your computer.
    2) You are typing your message for a very long time (typically more than 30 minutes) and when you try to post your message, the system thinks you’ve logged off and prompts you to login again.

    If the 1st is true, you’ll have to consult that security software and allow it to accept “1st party cookies” or add our website as a “safe” website.

    If the later is true, then you probably want to select the entire message that you typed and copy it, then try to Post the message. This way once you’ve re-logged in, you just simply Paste the message back in. (to copy do CTRL+C and to paste do CTRL+P).

    Hope this helps.




    On several occassions, I have responded to a msg, only to find that it wasnt saved/posted, which is seriously fustrating as its time consuming to re-reply…

    After every response I have to re-log in?

    Why does this happen?? What can be done to avoid this from happening in future?

    Isnt a once off” log in” to the site sufficient?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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