Tuesday 02 September 2014

Need Lyrics of an old indian pop song.

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    Hi guys,

    This is my first messgae, infact a request. i really need to know
    the name of one indian pop song. I tried searching in various places
    but hard luck.

    Lyrics :

    Samjha Mein, Jana Mein.

    haan ye tha kaisa nasha, khoya tha dil per… (somwthing)

    ek chechra, ek chehra kho na jaao,

    palke na jhapkoon, gum na jaaye wo chehra.

    aankhoon se behta paani, yaad karega wo meri kahani.

    Mein deewana hoon, (2ice) meine chah hai tumko o jaanam

    mere kwabon mein tumko aana hoga, mujhe humdum kehke apnana hoga.

    jaanam dekho chup kyu ho kuch to kahao

    chaahe na kaho per dekho meri aankhen keh rahi hai tum sun lo…..

    Singer i guess is not well glorified n this song was released on 1994 or around i guess

    This song's music is also somewht similar to an famous english song (donno know either)..

    Kindly tell me the song's name n if possible the download link as well….

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